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  1. Phillip Rogers

    9000 Member giveaway!

  2. Phillip Rogers

    David Cagle~ Guns for the cheep

    How much for the AWM?
  3. Phillip Rogers

    Jordan Dongle - Player Report

    Name: Phillip Rogers Name of player you are reporting: Jordan Dongle Date of Incident: 4/07/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 3:10 PM Rule(s) Broken: 4.1 – Killing without valid initiation / without reason is random deathmatch (RDM) and is against the rules. Description of Incident: An officer was just robbed by a couple of Grey Romeos and we decided to perform a traffic stop on the romeo and they fled then after them S1ing us they all jumped out with class 3's we obviously weren't going to initiate being surrounded next thing we heard was. "Hands up or Die" and then all of "The Vatos" started Firing. I'm not exactly sure who initiated but since i was killed during a false initiation im reporting Jordan for RDM. Evidence:
  4. Phillip Rogers

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

  5. Phillip Rogers

    Compensation Request

    Sadly no after this happened i was stuck in a rock until i relogged and tommy was there when it happened.
  6. Phillip Rogers

    Compensation Request

    Name: Phillip Rogers Steam64ID: 76561198315022060 Date of Incident: May 24th 2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 6:50 PM Amount your claiming: 130,000 Description of situation: I was at Ruby mine and i was about to leave and i got in my truck to drive around the rock and there were a lot of cars and the rock glitched my truck and i went flying in the air and the truck blew up. (I dont have 2 minutes after the incident sadly only before. Evidence:
  7. Phillip Rogers

    Player Report

    Name: Phillip Rogers Name of player you are reporting: Tamem Lucas Date of Incident: May 5th 2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 4:55 PM Rule(s) Broken:5.2 – When revived from EMS you are in medical custody, you must comply with EMS orders and may not leave the scene until EMS clears you. You must act as though you are injured and in need of help when you are in medical custody. A medic must verbally clear you before you can leave. Description of Incident: Medic was reviving Tamem Lucas after a firefight with the lucas family. I said hands behind your back as soon as he was revived and then knocked me out. And proceeded to run off. Evidence:
  8. Phillip Rogers

    Transport Truck Buff

    That's really not EPIC +1
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