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  1. James Roko

    Bubble Player Report

    Name: James Roko Name of player you are reporting: Bubble Date of Incident: 6/30/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 9:24pm pst Rule(s) Broken: Combat logging, and fail rp name? Description of Incident: hits alt f4 Evidence:
  2. James Roko


    I am sorry I shot you. There was an active Bank Robbery and I saw a vehicle known to have bank robber externals go behind the building you appeared from. They were wearing dark green uniforms like you. I saw you get revived, the medic picked you up less than a minute later. In the video, you clearly see EMS less than 100 yards from him. He was almost instantly revived. I even called over to EMS on their FREQ to assure he was revived.
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