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Taylor Spogell

Head Admin
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  1. Taylor Spogell

    Give this man my buiseness

    Your Name: Taylor Spogell Your UID: 76561198801433109 Store to transfer: My gas station New Owner Name: Pollers Gas Stop New Owner UID: 76561198088317105Reason for Transfer: I dont want it
  2. Taylor Spogell

    [Community Vote] Wipe?

    who doesn't love new content 🤷‍♂️ I feel like either way the outcome will be positive.
  3. Taylor Spogell

    One Issue - One Solution

    Issue: Toxicity from official gang members who are expected to be role models Solution: Toxicity from an official gang member can result in the ability for them to join an official gang to be removed
  4. Taylor Spogell

    Kings County 3.0.3 Hotfix

  5. Taylor Spogell

    9000 Member giveaway!

  6. Taylor Spogell

    Kamdan Life 2.1

    This looks epic
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