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    Jack Dungs - Failed Initiation

    Name: Myan Raverick (Ryan Maverick) Name of player you are reporting: Jack Dungs Date of Incident: 07/01/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 10:46 PM Rule(s) Broken: Failed Initiation Description of Incident: We had negotiations and we took 3 cops hostages. It did take a while for cops to respond about 3 mins before we got other cops on scene most likely saying that these other cops arriving on scene that they were more than 1km away from the initiation and when they did arrive we instantly started negotiations for the three cops and during the negotiations nothing was said that if we do this or that we would be fired upon. We asked for 300m of free passage and they said ok, we than gave them the hostages and went to the metro building where the video will basically start. As we got out of the car as you can see we instantly got shit on upon getting out of the car with guns on our backs. I then ran inside where I started yelling don't shoot my hands are up (I couldn't put them up due to running) but I then started to run up stairs where Justin Albert started to shoot me right away causing me to put in cuffs and get my items stripped. Also at the very end of the video you hear drake saying you will get comp anyway, and drake saying this he also knows something on the cop side was done wrong. **** THERE WAS A CHANGE EDIT *** >>> Apparently this was Jack Dungs not Justin Albert. Jack Dungs was the person that shot me and and caused me to limp which also caused me to get crash tackled. Requesting - 150k comp for both of the guns I lost. Evidence: ** DISCLAIMER A LOT OF YELLING **
  2. Ryan Maverick

    Ryan Maverick - EMS Application

    Name: Ryan Maverick Age: 16 Timezone: PST How many hours a week can you dedicate the KFD? As much time I can offer so 15+ Are you in the State Police and applying to be a volunteer Firefighter/EMT? NO Why would you like to join the Kamdan Fire Department? (100 words minimum): I want to join the Fire Department because it just seems very fun and a thing that I would like to enjoy. I also have friends inside the EMS department that I would like to also just work with, and I think working with friends inside the EMS department would make the job more enjoyable. I also have a passion to just help people and keep people safe. I think joining EMS will just allow me to thrive and also keep that passion alive. I also just want to be able to experience something new on THIS ISLAND and just to be able to make sure everyone's else roleplay experience isn't ruined from them dying all of the time. What are your previous experiences with being in a FD/EMS? (If any): I was Volunteer EMS in PsiSyn for about a year. What makes a good EMT in your opinion? (100 words minimum): What makes a good EMT? Someone that makes a good EMT is just someone that can easily do their job, its someone that can just follow orders, and not be a nuisance in the department. Some other qualities for an EMT is someone that has the knowledge to do the job. To be an EMT there are also some traits that are required as well. One of those traits is just being kind. When you go up to help someone you don't want to say, "Hey you are going to fucking die", but instead. "Hey, you will make it, don't worry I will get you home". You just have to be kind, without this attribute you really just can't be a medic, if you are an asshole all the time, things are going to downhill. Anything that you would like to add?: NO
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