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Austin Marino

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  1. Austin Marino

    Need 40 people to help test new cars

    I am able if you need me
  2. Austin Marino

    Austin Marino - USCG APP

    Name (In Role play) Austin Marino Steam 64 ID: 76561198137248966 Timezone: EST Age: 19 Do you have any Law Enforcement Experience? Sort of.. I was DOC for 2 weeks on anzus and Police on project life for about 2 months Should you be accepted into the US Coast Guard, what standards and values would you bring and standby here? (Min. 50 Words) Some of the standards I believe I bring is the ability to problem solve in situations. This is one of the great qualities I believe a great sea man should have. Obviously teamwork is another big one I have, I love working with other people and other people usually like teaming with me, I can be reliable and compatible. My last value is probably going to be me working harder not smarter I know it's the other way around but I am dedicated to serving justice and believe that if I can just work harder than everyone else I can achieve my goals. Why do you believe honesty, loyalty and integrity are our founding principles? I believe these qualities are the best 1. Honesty is best, If you are not an honest person then who is there to trust you? honesty leads to success. Loyalty is another big one because If you are not dedicated and loyal then nobody is going to depend on you to do anything, if you are not dependable then what are you? last one which is the most important one Integrity, to me you need to have integrity to be a well rounded person. people love you, people can depend on you and Integrity is the core quality of a successful and happy life. What do you believe makes a good Guardsman? What I believe makes a good guardsman is someone that knows the SOP's I know thats something that cant be read fully word for word but If you understand the basics and logistics of the sop's then you can capitalize on so many things. you need to know the sop's so you know what you are doing, also what makes a good guardsman is having good teamwork skills, we are all here for each other and we all need to help when help is needed. Anything else you would like to add? nope References (Not Mandatory): none By signing below, you swear to uphold the law and constitution, to be loyal to your fellow Guardsman, to endeavour to be proactive and relentless in seeking peace and justice, to always be honest, to always be loyal, and to show respect where respect is due. Marino, Austin
  3. Austin Marino

    Monthly Car Fund! [New cars]

    U have no idea what I would pay for a 2010 corvette the one with circle tail lights
  4. Austin Marino

    Name your own road/location on the new map!

    I will pay $20 for you to name a trailer park Marino trailer park
  5. Austin Marino

    Kamdan 2.0.3 Changelog [300+ New cars, New buildings]

    lol all good at least its fixed now so we dont looks stupid anymore XD
  6. Austin Marino

    Kamdan 2.0.3 Changelog [300+ New cars, New buildings]

    yeet Hope Vest fixed
  7. Austin Marino

    Kamdan 2.0.2 Changelog

    picked the worst time to give double xp for me either way amazing update ❤️
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