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  1. Henry Wagner

    Henry Wagner KMD Application

    @Arnfred Hahn Can I copy and paste this app when I reapply?
  2. Henry Wagner

    Henry Wagner KMD Application

    Name: Henry Wagner Age: 18 Steam 64UID: 76561198068685539 Timezone: GMT/BST Kamdan State Police Rank: Senior TrooperKamdan State Police Department: PatrolGeneral InformationHow many hours a week can you dedicate?: As long as required.What are some skills you can bring as a volunteer?: I have previously been EMS, S&R and HR on another server so I'm pretty experienced when it comes to general knowledge, medic roleplay and the common sence aspect of it all. Why do you want to become a volunteer for KMD? (120 Words Minimum): Medic roleplay has and will always be a great experience for me, after successfully getting into the police force and achieving the rank of Corporal I now believe that I'm ready to apply for the EMS and take on two roles. After previous experience as a Medic on a vanilla altis life server, I believe that I would enjoy it as much as I used to on there. After seeing the professionalism from the medics, its pretty clear to me that the training and procedures of the medics are outstanding. It would be an honour to be apart of the KMD, I believe that I have the potential to be a good, proud, responsible, professional, resilient, outstanding and hard working individual.
  3. Henry Wagner

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

  4. Henry Wagner


    You applied for police and are expected to follow orders from your Commanding Officers... If you don't like it speak to command.
  5. Henry Wagner


    I would love to allow the prisoners to go out and walk around all the time, its boring just sitting in there all day. Our SOP's limit our actions and what we're allowed to do and you guys need to understand that they're there for a reason and that breaking them isn't the best idea... Ill admit that more roleplay needs to be increased and certain SOP's need to be reformed but most of them are accurate and good for our procedures and duties.
  6. Henry Wagner

    Rule reform

    That's not very professional, if you got a video of it send it to Carlos Luis Fernando and he'll sort that madness out. Absolutely unacceptable and not preserving life (if true).
  7. Henry Wagner

    Debit Card

    Agree with all of these. I like the idea, it would work very well.
  8. Henry Wagner

    Unban im totally legit

    I love how he tracks the cars through the tree... and how his crosshair is sticking to the target, totally legit...
  9. Henry Wagner

    Debit Card

    It would be nice to have a debit card added, this would be a paid item which would cost around 1/2k to buy. It can be used to buy stuff in shops and processors without having to run around to atms.
  10. Henry Wagner

    Danni Free - Staff app

    Danni is one of the most friendly people that I've met, he respects new players and is always happy to accept new players into the gang. I believe that he would make a perfect staff member because he absolutely loves helping people, he seems very knowledgeable of the server rules to an extent that he can enforce them and I couldn't recommend him any more. You have my support, good luck m8.
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