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  1. Leonardo Sord

    ksp Application

  2. Leonardo Sord

    Transfer Request - Leonardo Sord

    Name: Leonardo Sord Rank: Volunteer Badge Number: V8 Current Department: EMS Wanted Department: S&R Reason: Would like to expand my availability and opportunities as a medic to further help those in need Notes:
  3. Leonardo Sord

    Josh Cole - KSP Application

    +1 Ex Lt BTW
  4. Leonardo Sord

    Leonardo Sord - KFD App

    Name: Leonardo Sord Age: 23 Timezone: CST -6 How many hours a week can you dedicate the KFD? 15+ Are you in the State Police and applying to be a volunteer Firefighter/EMT? Yes Why would you like to join the Kamdan Fire Department? (100 words minimum): The main reason I'd like to join the KFD is the same reason I'm a law enforcement officer; I want to help those around me and in the community. Whether that be by enforcing the law to protect the law abiding citizens or by aiding those who are injured and need help. There have been many times over the course of my stay here on Kamden where I've seen a lack of medical responders. Sometimes you see only one or two people responding to an entire island's worth of problems. I feel like enlisting the help of those who already go out of their way to help people in need is the best way of ensuring everyone on the island gets proper medical attention. What are your previous experiences with being in a FD/EMS? (If any): Other than some light volunteer work on various older servers, not much. I mostly stick to law enforcement but I'd like to branch out a little bit while still remaining useful to the community. What makes a good EMT in your opinion? (100 words minimum): A good EMT is someone who can respond promptly to emergencies and use their entire knowledge base to save the lives of those in need. An EMT needs to be able to be professional, respond with a level head while undergoing stressful situations, and be unbiased in the care they give. There are no "good guys" or "bad guys" when in comes to the injured, only those who need aid and those who can give said aid. A good EMT is a someone who can respond to a situation with haste, professionalism, tact, and calmness. In a roleplay perspective a good EMT needs to be able to understand when a situation needs further care and attention or when someone can be sent on their way without putting lives at risk. Anything that you would like to add?:
  5. Leonardo Sord

    Joey Wagner - KSP Application

    Missed this app. Leonardo Sord UC-103 confirming my +1
  6. Leonardo Sord

    Larry Wallace - KSP Application

    Leonardo Sord H-09 confirming my +1
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