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Jack Knight

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  1. Jack Knight


    https://savvytime.com/converter/gmt-to-nzdt-bst-est-aest-cet/10pm Time/Date changed. Will be hosted tomorrow.
  2. Jack Knight


    Comments after this point will be reserves for the wars.
  3. Jack Knight

    Looking for 4 official gangs

    Gang Name: The Chinweuba Family Gang Leader: Jekandy Chinweuba Quintrell Chinweuba Gang Leader Discord: JackH#1492 pablo#8295 Do you have a uniform available: Not yet but will make one if accepted. List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID): #1 Quintrell Chinweuba // 76561198062192032 #2 Jekandy Chinweuba // 76561198832369107 #3 Zeke Chinweuba // 76561198157646839 #4 Jean Parmasean // 76561198083608036 #5 Mzwaga Chinweuba // 76561198079529076 #6 Jackson Quinn // 76561198212691240 #7 James Chinweuba // 76561198144395402 #8 Little Dog // 76561198200587763 #9 Fin Chinweuba // 76561198253697147
  4. Jack Knight

    Kings County Community Auction!!!

    There will be others
  5. Jack Knight

    Kings County Community Auction!!!

    You will get to choose 5 items to be placed in your house. You must be a home owner though.
  6. Jack Knight

    Kings County Community Auction!!!

    Kings County's First Community Auction!!! As this is Kings County's first auction we will be selling house packs, custom gold plated cars, a private jet and more!!! Some screenshots are below Documents: Google Doc Time and Date: Date: 06/06/2020 Saturday BST Start time: 22:00 BST // 13:00 PST // 07/06/2020 07:00 AET Rules: 1. You may NOT bid on something if you do not want the item or have the capability to buy said item. 1.1. Some Items you may “Loan” and have days to pay the remaining percentage of the money back before it is removed. 2. The event will be mainly RP, so no breaking it without reason. 3. No killing/knocking out or tasing people. 3.1 This also includes shooting a whole. All weapons must be holstered unless you are apart of the events staff. 4. If you break any of these rules you shall be removed from the event. 5. If you are coming in vehicles park in the parking garage, if a car is parked not in the garage, it WILL be deleted 6. All buyers MUST stand on the platform below(the ATM platform) not on the auctioneers stage. What we are selling: Monster Truck Mercedes Maybach Gold Plated Maybach Furniture Pack#1 Harambe Statue (MUST OWN PROPERTY) Furniture Pack#2 MadMax Cardinal Grinder MaxMax Chevrolet Advance 1953 Furniture Pack#3 AG Tracteur (Tractor) Tirepallete (Forklift) (Police Only) Number Plate Ability to kill Doug Jumper in electric chair Faction Donator Store Gold Plated Rolls Royce Ghost EWB Sniper Loadout Random Loadout Random Loadout Ghillie Suit #1 Ghillie Suit #2 Dodge Challanger R/T 426 Hemi '71 Gold Plated Dodge Challanger Strider (1 RESTART ONLY) Private Jet
  7. Jack Knight

    [Community Vote] Wipe?

    Can i suggest another purge like the last one, everyone has got lots of money and everything is KOS. No camping GZ or anything, same as the end of Kamdan, give factions higher whitelisting and more stuff during the end of it
  8. Jack Knight

    Looking for 5 official companies

    Name: Global Enterprises Number of Members: 15, but continually growing. Company Type: Enterprise (Got sub companies) Company Roleplay Story: The Managing Director was once a smal, poor man. Who has built up global enterprises from scratch. He has now appointed directors and subsidary companies that make him money, he uses this money to reinvest and help people, who was once in his position out. Global Enterprises is a legally run, privately funded business. We are an investment company that takes over smaller companies, struggling or that we feel we can make more money, and a better community out of. Discord: https://discord.gg/VhchDgZ // Personal discord: JackH#1492 Hours able to dedicate per week: As much as our employees are available Official Documentation (roster and docs required, can have recruitment video etc. as well): Roster // Who we are // SOPs // Promotional Video are a work in progress. Here is our Poster. We have business cards in the works. Edit: We have currently just gained a website containing more information about us. https://sites.google.com/view/anzusglobalenterprises/home
  9. Jack Knight

    ANZUSGaming Official Twitch Streamer Applications

    RP Name: Jack KnightForum Profile Link: https://www.anzus.life/profile/5359-jack-knight/Steam 64 ID: 76561198832369107Steam Account Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198832369107Twitch Profile Link: https://twitch.tv/jack1knight
  10. Jack Knight

    [EVENTS] Events and 3.0

  11. Jack Knight

    [EVENTS] Events and 3.0

    Events and 3.0 As 3.0 gets closer everyday, the thoughts of events come more to mind. So, i would like to community to be able to get involved and give your ideas on what you want to see in 3.0. Your time, your choice, your event could be in 3.0. Put your suggestion in either in here or in the description of this post. We are always looking for ideas and no one will be ignored. Edits may be made to events by whoever is planning them to best suit them to the server.
  12. Jack Knight

    [SERVER EVENT] Protecting Ashworth

  13. Jack Knight

    [SERVER EVENT] Protecting Ashworth

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OEsR-6xPv1_w3uKfoAFBBstArHKBiaZ4e9rOVEKHqWs/edit Protecting Ashworth!!! THIS SATURDAY!!! 10PM GMT, 5PM EST, 8AM AEST (Sunday), 11AM NZT (Sunday) After failing their attack on Redwick, they take another shot but this time at Ashworth. They have re thought their strategies and bought better armour and weapons. It is time again for the people of Kamdan and the Police Department to pull together and do everything in their power to protect their towns, People Streaming the event: Doug Jumper Jack Knight
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