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  1. Jack Knight

    Bobby Simmons - Player Report

    @Bobby Simmons If you don't respond within the next 16 hours with the screenshot, with date, time and crash log in then i will continue with the report.
  2. Jack Knight

    Abood Pierre - Player report.

    @Wyrus Dealt with it with him, got compensation no need to continue with report Thanks .
  3. Jack Knight

    Abood Pierre - Player report.

    I am only looking for compensation out of this.
  4. Jack Knight

    Abood Pierre - Player report.

    Name: Jack Knight Name of player you are reporting: @Abood Pierre Date of Incident: 13/10/2019 Time of Incident: 17:15 GMT Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) 4.1 Description of Incident: Drove over 1km away initiation was off and shnieders killed me. Evidence: https://medal.tv/clips/8320291/TnCWGrxZf3X3 Have you already been to support about this incident: Yes If so what was the result of the support case: Unfound since my PC crashed half way through
  5. Jack Knight

    error mods?

    @Trent liric Moller You have 6 hours to respond before this is closed
  6. Jack Knight

    Bobby Simmons - Player Report

    Does the evidence have the time and date in? @Bobby Simmons
  7. Jack Knight

    Bobby Simmons - Player Report

    Do you have any evidence regarding this incident @Bobby Simmons
  8. Jack Knight

    Player Report

    Also @Alexander Udinov Your evidence isn't working
  9. Jack Knight

    Player Report

    I will be passing this upon to administrators to deal with as it is a moderator you are reporting.
  10. Jack Knight

    Bobby Simmons - Player Report

    Under Review Hello I will be taking this case @Bobby Simmons You have been reported for 3.12 - You may not leave the server (combat log) during active RP situations, you also may not leave whilst in police custody or dead. You Have 24 hrs to respond with your side of the story while i review the evidence. Sincerely, Jack Knight - Moderator
  11. Jack Knight

    error mods?

    @usermillion Please fix the Gyazo as it doesn't work .
  12. Jack Knight

    remove TFR numbers

    -1 The change didn't affect anyone in a bad way (other than staff which was later fixed) It is to prevent metagaming, so fair enough you can friend people, but if you use it then it becomes a problem. It works well and doesn't warrant a change.
  13. Jack Knight

    Chris Colt - Player Report

    Report Accepted Hello Now that i have reviewed the evidence I agree with @Ram Yanoodle on the punishment given. Sincerely, Jack Knight - Moderator
  14. Jack Knight

    Vinny Gazzoni - EMT Application

  15. Jack Knight

    Wall Mart- KMD Application

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