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Logan Bridges

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  1. Logan Bridges

    Gang Wars

    Gang name: UnTamedGang Leader Name/64 ID: Logan Bridges/76561198062445595Uniform (In-Game Name of Headgear, Clothing & Vest you'll be using as your uniform): paramilitary garb shorts, anzus p head, plate carrier 4 Member 1 Name/64 ID: Frankie Rankin/76561198307539455 Member 2 Name/64 ID: John James/76561198154264878 Member 3 Name/64 ID: Rajveer Kharku/76561198150405973 Member 4 Name/64 ID: Jeff Ryker/76561198165522308 Member 5 Name/64 ID: David Marks/76561198174798250 Member 6 Name/64 ID: Harry Wells/76561198035715663 Member 7 Name/64 ID:
  2. Logan Bridges

    New major crime rule trial [Must read!]

    Maybe make it hour between same major half hour between different major
  3. Logan Bridges

    Kamdan Life 2.0.5 Changelog [NEW FED IS HERE]

    looks pretty good cant wait to rob that fed
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