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    little late but i feel a wipe would be a bad idea. My main two reasons for this are One its realistic that there are super rich players out there and super rich gangs just like in real life not everyone has the same shit so it makes sense that some would be poor (new players) and some would be rich (the heavy grinders) i think taking that away half way through the year just makes people strive less in the second half of the year as they know in relatively four and a half months there will be a new map and a new wipe so why try as hard. I believer a yearly wipe is all that's needed and if need be we adjust things in game if things start to build up or have another auction. My second thing is I think it actually helps new players because people are less likely to interfere with a ruby miner when they have money but after that new player has been here a couple weeks they get hit hard because everyone is grinding for levels or grinding for money and will take the shortest easiest way there. Also a lot of people help out these less fortunate individuals I know I've given tons of money away to new players and they have been very appreciative that doesn't happen when we all have the same amount of money and have to regrind. I also wanna point out this isn't being said because I'm super wealthy or anything I literally will be wiped basically anyways because I wasn't able to come home in time to get my stuff so I'm losing like 10 mil anyways but I still feel there shouldn't be a wipe because its unrealistic to think we are all the same and are on the same level as well as it gives people the thought of well 5.0 wipe is not far away why grind it all up.
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