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Santana Venom

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  1. Santana Venom

    Santana Venom - Fixed Wing Application

    General Information: Name: Santana Venom Age: 22 Date of Birth: 11/21/1997 Timezone: PST Application Questions Do you have any previous Milsim experience: I do not have any experience with a milsim but i can learn to get accustomed to it quickly. Have you ever been banned from AnzusGaming: no Why do you want to become a fixed wing pilot?: [50 Word Minimum] I would like to become a fixed-wing pilot because I enjoy piloting both rotary and fixed-winged aircraft. The closest experience I have had with giving infantry air support was on Arma 2 Domination servers. I enjoy helping infantry teams by providing them with information on where enemy APCs and/or where enemy infantry are located to make it easier for them to do to their assigned tasks. Why should we chose you over anyone else?: [50 Word Minimum]: i believe that i am a decent pilot when it comes to fixed-wing aircraft and i have many hours flying rotary aircraft. I also have some IRL experience with aircraft as i have been trained on basic aircraft maintenance so i know how to perform routine before & after flight checks, aircraft taxiing, and i am also familiar with the physics involved to make aircraft function. When it comes to combat, i am pretty decent when it comes to dog fights as i know to to maneuver around when under fire. i am also pretty good at doing bombing runs when given a target by ground troops. If needed, i can also pilot rotary aircraft to insert troops and i am also familiar with how to operate Advanced Attack Helicopters.
  2. Santana Venom

    One Issue - One Solution

  3. Santana Venom

    Kamdan Life 2.0.5 Changelog [NEW FED IS HERE]

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