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Casper Kraakman

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  1. Casper Kraakman

    State of Alaska V. Gugulethu Zakwa

    Your Honor, prosecution is available Saturday at 8pm GMT.
  2. Casper Kraakman

    State of Alaska V. Gugulethu Zakwa

    I will be assigning @Liam Joseph as co-council to the case.
  3. Casper Kraakman

    Casper Kraakman - Payment Request

    Your Name: Casper Kraakman Your Position: Academy Supervisor Agency/Department filing on behalf of: AST Academy Link to Appropriation Bill (Or discretionary/emergency if applicable): Amount requested: $240,000 Reason for withdraw: ASTA Cases -> 1/16/2021 -> Present Do you confirm you are authorised on behalf of the agency or department you are filing for to request such funds: YesDo you understand that misuse of funds is a criminal offense and you will be prosecuted if found doing so: Yes
  4. Casper Kraakman

    Admissions to the Alaskan Bar - 2nd January 2021

    Roleplay Name: Casper Kraakman UID: 76561198132602883 Faction (if any): AST[ABI] Timezone (EU/NA/AU): NA
  5. Casper Kraakman

    Events discussion

    I believe the purge should last for half of a week with only initiation rules and no sops and a half week with no rules, KOS, no sops, etc. However, I think there should be some breaks in the all out warfare and allow staff to hold events as a break to the madness. Possibly some car races, helicopter battles, majors, etc. The purge should last no longer than 1 week to avoid redundancy as some people can get tired of the all-out warfare pretty quickly.
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