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  1. out of roleplay i have school and work monday thru thrusday and friday morning so if we did do court in game it would have to be the weekend
  2. Kent Malone

    The People of The State of California v Kent Malone

    Damn so if somebodys at work or at fucking school and can't reply till now wtf.. whatever fuck you and your damn fucking court system. you fucking cunts
  3. Kent Malone


    I agree with question one I thonk just a money wipe will make 4.5 feel a lot better. Find new ways to make more cash than we did before but with that being said. Will you still need to pay the bank back your loan beore 4.5 hit or will it be like a soft wipe were all your stuff is gone and you start a new person but with the same iq knowlege as before. If that makes any sense. Majors are majors for me as long as im not sitting there for 2 hours im fine with the 30mins dice roll thing. Player reports I dont really care on that whole thing so what ever the community wants im fine with. Haven't really played kings county but like with the question before this one im fine with what the community wants Taki with purge would make it 10x better so nobody would really have any rules besides the common rules. I would enjoy it because i Love my sugar and bombs.
  4. Kent Malone


    If we do a wipe in 4.5 will that mean everyone that has a outstanding loan with the bank will be paided off and Will we get starter money to start off with, As I feel like question one would be good as everyone would get a apartment to start off with but you have people like parker and mr.five, etc that spent a lot of time working to get that money. I would say question one is up for a big debate. The other questions Seem pretty fair and a good idea,
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