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  1. Lewis James

    Player Report

    Name: Lewis James Name of player you are reporting: Vinny Manarello Date of Incident: 03/08/2019 Time of Incident GMT: 18:30 Rule(s) Broken: Combat Logging. Description of Incident: He killed my partner i killed him and then he combat logged. Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5d45c446a45f0e0cf5/combat-log Have you already been to support about this incident: Yes If so what was the result of the support case: Was told to make a forum's report.
  2. Lewis James

    Lewis James | Player report

    Im now not going to reply unless asked to by staff fed up of arguing the toss, have a good day
  3. Lewis James

    Lewis James | Player report

    Was still in medical custody though and we are allowed to restrain you after being picked up.
  4. Lewis James

    Lewis James | Player report

    I mean @Drake Wax he should of just left due to the fact of rule 6.7 - If you are revived you may not return to/become involved in the same combat situation you were involved in. (note, you may return to the RP situation once combat has concluded) . so?
  5. Lewis James

    Lewis James | Player report

    Can't find any counter evidence.
  6. Lewis James

    Lewis James | Player report

    I will attempt to.
  7. Lewis James

    Lewis James | Player report

    Due to the fact Medics were not informing us of reviving although it was not confirmed code 4, we had the rule of 4.3 The person has an unholstered firearm in an active gunfight situation in which the police are involved OR the gunfight is within Kamdan City. (Police Only) We was unaware of his revival as can be seen as no cops surrounded him and since it was the same uniform and a class 3 shown i took him out.
  8. Lewis James

    Lewis James / Staff App

    Personal Details In-game name: Lewis James Age: 16 Steam 64 ID: Timezone/Region: England, GMT +1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Questionnaire How long have you been apart of the ANZUSGaming community?: I have been here for about two to three months. Have you ever been banned? (for whatever reason): Yes i have been temporary banned before due to points, i take full responsibility for my past behaviour resulting in such points, if you wish to see what i have been banned for please check my points log (mostly in-game offenses, stupid mistakes that i have learnt from. What is your motivation for applying for a support position within ANZUS? (75 words minimum): I want to become a member of the Anzus staff team because i feel i can help people with their technical issues and general in-game issues. I have seen that sometimes when i play there will be people waiting in support that need help but have to wait, i will be dedicated to those who need help in support whenever they need it and as soon as possible. Being staff on a community this big is a huge task and commitment, i am willing to take up the task and commitment to bring the community members the assistance they need on Anzus's professional role-play based community. I will always help and assist other players when they are in need of support whenever i can, i will stop all my in-game playtime to help assist them immediately. What skills can you bring to the team? (50 words minimum): I am passionate and reliable. i am a good talker (although sometimes i do stutter on my own words, but i don't think that would be a problem) i always look for the best result no matter which scenario i face. I am reasonable and understanding. I am confident and can keep confidentiality if needed at any time. I am trustworthy and compliant. Do you have any experience elsewhere in a position of power over a community?: I was a staff member on a community called OLRPG, that has been gone for a while, that was Arma 2 based. I have also started my own servers and tried that but like most other communities that failed and don't see me starting another any time soon. Thank you for reading over my application, I hope for the best, Many thanks, Lewis.
  9. Lewis James

    Lewis James / Report a player

    Name: Lewis James / Frankie James Name of player you are reporting: Kulios Hajaar Date of Incident: 02/07/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 19:30GMT Rule(s) Broken: RDM Description of Incident: I spawned in kamden and went to the store to get fuel canisters, I had no money so went to common wealth bank to use atm, No major was going on at the time. He then just ran out of the bank and killed me. Evidence:
  10. Lewis James

    Looking for 4 more official gangs for Kamdan Life

    Gang Name: The James Family Gang Leader: Lewis James / Alternative Faction Name Gang Leader Discord: Lewis#4518 Do you have a uniform available: Yes. List of players: Member 1: Lewis James (76561198141316289) Member 2: Sidney James (76561198271835396) Member 3: Sam James/ Sam Ruby (76561198097298599) Member 4: N/A (Looking to find a few more members) Uniform and Vest: http://www.filedropper.com/tjfgang / Updated Link / ZIP Folder W/ PAA Files
  11. Lewis James

    Lewis James / Points Appeal

    Name: Lewis James In-Game Name: Lewis James Steam 64 ID: 76561198141316289 What is your issue in relation to the Server/TeamSpeak (Describe it in as much detail as you can): The rules "SWAT can shoot without calling negotiations if they have attempted all avenues of negotiation and no reasonable compromise is achieved. They must guarantee the rescue of the hostage in this case or are liable to face the consequences." and "SWAT or Tactical Teams can also shoot if it is clear the hostage is in imminent danger and shooting is the best chance at saving the hostage. This must be approved by a SWAT High Command or State Command member. (this requires more then just the normal risk to a hostage through the whole situation, the danger must be created by the hostage taker not by the police)" was brought in to support due to the fact i was being reported for RDM during a hostage situation, The video provided by the reportee had no audio and was 17 seconds long. Point number one: Defective evidence. Point number two: The rules that were stated by both the reportee and staff were based off negotiations, at the time no negotiations were in place and it was a instant "rescue" attempt due to having hardly any assistance which by the way was successful with minor injuries to friendlies. Point number three: These rules and conditions are directed towards S.W.A.T negotiations and having permission for them to execute the hostage taker, i am neither S.W.A.T or Command. Point number four: The hostage taker had no weapon(s) to the hostage creating a window of opportunity being that there was no direct threat to the hostage making them having illegal firearms inside the cell block and assisting for the safe return of the hostage we breached the cell block by force due to an on-going major crime that left DOC with 2-3 inmates unsupervised. Point number five: The reportee should of taken this to IA instead of support due to the fact it would be more of a SOP rule break if anything since it happened inside DOC with the based scenario that took place. Point number six: The inmate did not declare that he wanted to negotiate or declare he had a hostage at the time, we just saw one person with a class 3 and one with a class 1 and one using the surrender animation. Do you have any photos/videos of this: (Their POV: LINK) - I can use this evidence as DOC has "Security cameras" and would be able to playback the evidence anyway. (Rule 11.5)
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