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  1. Lewis James

    Player Report

    Name: Lewis James Name of player you are reporting: Vinny Manarello Date of Incident: 03/08/2019 Time of Incident GMT: 18:30 Rule(s) Broken: Combat Logging. Description of Incident: He killed my partner i killed him and then he combat logged. Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5d45c446a45f0e0cf5/combat-log Have you already been to support about this incident: Yes If so what was the result of the support case: Was told to make a forum's report.
  2. Lewis James

    Lewis James | Player report

    Im now not going to reply unless asked to by staff fed up of arguing the toss, have a good day
  3. Lewis James

    Jimmy Antico / Support Decision Appeals

    @Jack Fire How can you say to someone to follow different procedures that everyone else follows? Revoking his points at this point in time is just stupid. You stated "While it is not normal process to do this without an appeal" Do it as a normal procedures like i do.
  4. Lewis James

    Lewis James / Points Appeal

    Name: Lewis James Points you where given: 15 / General Ingame Offence What staff member gave them to you: @Ram boyd Why should your points be revoked: (50 Words Minimum): The points were not displayed properly, i have no clue what i'm appealing and due to that fact i believe the points are invalid. Evidence to support your appeal: https://imgur.com/a/ijnygKn Anything you would like to add: No
  5. Lewis James

    Jimmy Antico / Support Decision Appeals

    He also took it as valid initiation since he started shooting back
  6. Lewis James

    Jimmy Antico / Support Decision Appeals

    1) he shot me on the floor he should of valued his life instead of shooting whilst on the floor. 2) he was knocked out and glitched the animation to be able to shoot faster.
  7. Lewis James

    Lewis James | Player report

    Was still in medical custody though and we are allowed to restrain you after being picked up.
  8. Lewis James

    Jimmy Antico / Support Decision Appeals

    Now thats bullshit
  9. Lewis James

    Lewis James | Player report

    I mean @Drake Wax he should of just left due to the fact of rule 6.7 - If you are revived you may not return to/become involved in the same combat situation you were involved in. (note, you may return to the RP situation once combat has concluded) . so?
  10. Lewis James

    Lewis James | Player report

    Can't find any counter evidence.
  11. Lewis James

    Lewis James | Player report

    I will attempt to.
  12. Lewis James

    Lewis James | Player report

    Due to the fact Medics were not informing us of reviving although it was not confirmed code 4, we had the rule of 4.3 The person has an unholstered firearm in an active gunfight situation in which the police are involved OR the gunfight is within Kamdan City. (Police Only) We was unaware of his revival as can be seen as no cops surrounded him and since it was the same uniform and a class 3 shown i took him out.
  13. Lewis James

    Rework the Skills/XP system?

    Make a faster repair skill
  14. Lewis James

    Lewis James / Support Decision Appeals

    Shadow play is broken at the moment so i used windows capturing software unfortunately i am unable to give the sound of team-speak although it is setup to do so, it is clear there was initiation on their part due to the fact they knocked me out and tied me up.
  15. Name: Lewis James Name of player you are reporting: Jaden Lovelace Date of Incident: 22/07/2019 Time of Incident: 21:20 (GMT) Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) Was confusion in rules 10.2 and 10.3 - Staff member @Mathew Gandon interpreted it different to how SLT @Patrick Star interpreted it. Rule 10.3 (You may not initiate, rob, harm, detain or other use forms of violence against someone you have ran over, rammed outside of initiation or been at fault in a vehicular accident. you must leave the area and continue as normal.) Suspected conflict rule: 10.2 - Civilians (includes rebels) may only ram other vehicles while in initiation. If rammed outside initiation you may retaliate, creating an initiation, 10.1 still applies. Description of Incident: Followed by Capones ( No prior initiation ) was 'rammed' and blown up, then robbed after a vehicular accident. Evidence: Youtube Video / Screenshot Staff Members Involved with the Case: @Mathew Gandon @Patrick Star @Jack Kray Decision in Support/Player Report: Dropped due to confusion but got second opinions by SLT Patrick Star. - Support case was chosen to not be reopened by Mathew Gandon and was advised to reopen the case to enter a appeal here. If this appeal is accepted i will be wanting compensation of the items in the truck by the screenshot given as evidence.
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