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  1. Requirements Must be 18 years and older (Exception to 16 year old but must have a reference from a respected member of the ANZUSRP or agree to a voice interview with staff and have a general mature attitude in the discord and forums.) Must be in the ANZUSRP discord Must have a working clear microphone Can not exceed 30 points within the ANZUSGaming/ANZUSRP community How old are you? 18 Steam Account Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198381142849/home Your Steam HEX/64 Code: 76561198381142849 Are you in the GTA Anzus Discord?: Yes What is your Discord username: Apex135 What is your main style of RP? Criminal/Civilian Tell us about the character you will be and what makes him/her unique. I want to be Alex Willson, and his live started out on Los Santos where he learned how to survive in the city. He Then started working for a escort company. He protected many celebrities in his career. He then learned about heists which made him money. He was also a fan of car shows and meets. He has attended many of them and prides himself on the cars he has built. He has also been big in flying helicopters and airplanes. He has done drug runs as well as transportation in all kinds of aircraft. He has also been in the airforce where he learned AA and AG combat. He provides services such as protection, transportation, as well as a guide to help others become successful. This character will eventually become a wealthy business man if everything goes to plan. He currently owns a good amount of properties but he has not made a lot of cash, which is why the business will be a great investment. Define Roleplay in your own words: Roleplay is when someone acts out or performs the part of a person or character. In our situation it would be when a player took the game seriously and acted like it was real life(acting realistically). What RP experience do you have: I have played the Anzus Arma 3 server since the beginning of summer. I have played many RP servers on Arma as well as Unturned. I am pretty experienced when it comes to RP. Define Metagaming in your own words: Metagaming is when a player finds loopholes in the rules to break them and ultimately make the game unfun for other people. Define KOS in your own words: KOS stands for Kill On Sight, which another wards means you kill someone for no reason. Define RDM and VDM in your own words: RDM stands for Random Death Match and VDM stands for vehicle deathmatch. This is where someone targets a random person or vehicle for no reason, or for reasons outside the RP rules(like killing the person who killed you earlier). If you have any videos or clips of you roleplaying, please link them here: I was never big into recording and I could not record Arma because it made the game unplayable, however I was in EMS, KFD, and KPD. My name was Ben Dover in EMS and KFD and my KPD name was Jose jimenez Post a link to our rules: https://www.anzus.life/topic/3943-server-rules/ Have you read our Rules, and do you understand our Rules?: Yes Do you have any people in our GTA community that will recommend you?: I do not know anyone in it, and im still unsure how to join but I know its something I want to try out. Do you understand that this is not GTA, we are a roleplay server and you must base your actions on real life?: Yes Do you agree to pass ownership of any documents, scripts, textures or anything created in/or for the ANZUS RP community will be owned by us and not available to be used anywhere else?: Yes Another individual walks up to you, armed, and demands you give over your keys and whatever money you have in your pocket. Their gun is aimed directly at you and you are unarmed. What would you do?: You should comply because you need to value your life and realistically there is no way to pull out a firearm or run without being shot. Same scenario as above, only this time you are armed but do not have your gun drawn. Same as before, you can not pull a weapon unless he looks away. Then he no longer has his gun aimed at you so you can try to defend yourself, but this rarely happens. Crossing the street, another individual plows through the intersection, running you over and causing you to be “downed”. They stop and come back to roleplay that they did in fact hit you. How would you proceed with the scenario?: You would want to roleplay your part. If you were fully run over then you should wait for EMS to arrive for RP purposes. You should also get the players information and wait for police to settle the matter. While standing around the garage with some friends. An individual walks up, says nothing, and shoots you before running off. What would you do?: This would be KOS which should be reported if you have video evidence. If not, you can warn everyone about him or try to find someone with evidence. You have to go AFK in an active role playing situation, What do you say to the people around you?: You should tell them what your doing and how long you will be. If you are in KSP or KFD you would give the code over the radio so everyone knows what your doing.
  2. Alex Willson

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

  3. Name: Apex Willson Age:16 Timezone: EST Why would you like to join Shadow Division: I want a good active gang that I can play and work with. What could you bring to Shadow Division: I'm a good shooter and I can fly helicopters and airplanes. In game lvl (Minimum 20): 41 Money in bank (250k+): 250k Hours on Arma (500+): 500 Have you read and understand the rules of the server: Yes Steam profile & Steam 64: 76561198381142849 Discord name: Apex135#2345
  4. Alex Willson

    Transfer Request - Ben Dover

    Name: Ben Dover Rank: Paramedic Badge Number: E21 Current Department: EMS Wanted Department: KFD Reason: I want to be able to fly helicopters, which was one of the main reasons I joined EMS. Notes: N/A
  5. Alex Willson

    Apex Willson - Staff App

    In-game name: Apex Willson/Ben Dover(EMT) Age:16 Steam 64 ID: 76561198381142849 Timezone/Region: EST ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Questionnaire How long have you been apart of the ANZUSGaming community?: I've been playing about 2-3 weeks Have you ever been banned? (for whatever reason): No What is your motivation for applying for a support position within ANZUS? (75 words minimum): I want to be able to help players have a good experience with anzus as well as to help people solve issues that may come up while playing the server. There has also been a few times where I tried to get help and was unable to because no staff was online at the time. I think that I would also be able to help decrees the amount of time there is no staff online. What skills can you bring to the team? (50 words minimum): I have good problem solving skills which are necessary for staff to have in order to do their job. I also have good reasoning skills which can come in handy from time to time. I'm not sure if this would classify as a skill but I don't get annoyed easily and I am typically very calm and relaxed. Do you have any experience elsewhere in a position of power over a community?: Yes, I have been admin on many servers on a game I used to play called Unturned(mostly RP servers). I have also owned discord servers that had 50+ people.
  6. Alex Willson

    Apex Willson Comp Hacker 6/3/19

    Name: Apex Willson Steam64ID: 76561198381142849 Date of Incident: 6/3/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 10:30 LA or 11:30 EST Amount your claiming: 150k Description of situation: I was flying my helicopter and another hacker blew it up. My friend was processing while I watched for cars, and I blew up because I was in a hover. Evidence: I don't have recording software but I have these screenshots: https://gyazo.com/524c35e7b53a4f3d42b09fc8499bdfe7 My friend took this: https://gyazo.com/493ff26f2e10ef95d76890984d09e267 https://gyazo.com/448c9bcde50161226b53a244971da314
  7. Alex Willson

    Transfer KFD-Ben Dover

    Name: Ben Dover Rank: Intermediate EMT Badge Number: E48 Current Department: EMS Wanted Department: KFD Reason: I want to fly Helicopters Notes: None
  8. Alex Willson

    Apex Willson Comp 6/2/19

    https://gyazo.com/7c04e40afa9b5f418f6902e2dba08ea6 Says 90k
  9. Alex Willson

    Apex Willson Comp 6/2/19

    oh ok, ill relog as a civ to do that
  10. Alex Willson

    Apex Willson Comp 6/2/19

    ok ill find a way to the dealership, should I ask for assistance in the TS for the comp?
  11. Alex Willson

    Apex Willson Comp 6/2/19

    Name: Apex Willson Steam64ID: 76561198381142849 Date of Incident: 6/2/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 5:30 LA or 6:30 EST Amount your claiming: 100k Description of situation: I parked my car(Nissan Silvia) behind a house to do a robbery and my car blew up from a hacker. I was also badly injured and I lost some items inside the car(a gun and ammo). Sadly I cant record because my PC lags, but I took a screenshot with a timestamp. Evidence: https://gyazo.com/e915789be79e3f7a34e0503b1fb3e41c
  12. Alex Willson

    Alec Winston EMS App

    I edited it so I have over 100 words
  13. Alex Willson

    Alec Winston EMS App

    Name: Alec Winston Age: 16 Timezone: EST How many hours a week can you dedicate the KFD? 10-20 hours Are you in the State Police and applying to be a volunteer Firefighter/EMT? No Why would you like to join the Kamdan Fire Department? (100 words minimum): I want to join so I can make money as well as help people who need it. There have been many times where I requested the KFD and got no help resulting in me having to die. I also like the interaction when I help people. I generally like to talk to people and help them and I think this is a great way to do it. In addition to all of that, I am a very chill person and I think this job would fit my personality well. I have also enjoyed being a medic on other servers and I think it would be cool if I can do that here too. What are your previous experiences with being in a FD/EMS? (If any): I am familiar with ACE(not sure if we use that) and I have been a Combat Medic on many Mili-sim servers. What makes a good EMT in your opinion? (100 words minimum): I think a good EMT is someone who has many good qualities that help people feel safe and know what to do. Some of the qualities would be, keeping calm, giving clear instruction, behaving in a quick and orderly way, and being able to put other peoples safety before their own. Keeping calm is especially important because if the EMT gets frustrated or uneasy, they are liable to make mistakes. Clear instruction is needed when telling civilians what to do and what not to do so they don't become confused. Being Orderly and quick is important in a lot of situations, if a EMT is slow or disorganized it can cost someone their life. The most important thing a EMT must have is the ability to put themselves last. If a EMT is worried about his own safety before others then it can lead to hesitation, which wastes time and can result in deaths. Anything that you would like to add?: I am very familiar with flying all aircrafts(if we use them) and I have almost 100 hours just flying helicopters.
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