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  1. Yanni Fatios

    Yanni Sullivan - Player Report

    Ahh he cut out the audio of our banter back and forth about it. Whatever tho. Its cool, I know I broke the rule. Do what you seem fit.
  2. Yanni Fatios

    Mick Carter - Player Report

    Again, as I explained, my issue isn't that I think that I was in cover. I know my elbow was visible, however it seems from my perspective that quite a few bullets all hit at once.
  3. Yanni Fatios

    Mick Carter - Player Report

    I understand my elbow was visible. But from my video it looks as if many bullets registered all at once. However, if you are able to upload your perspective and you actually only shot one bullet. Fair Enough.
  4. Yanni Fatios

    Santana Venom

    Name: Yanni Fatios Name of player you are reporting: Santana Venom Date of Incident: 23/07/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 10:30 EST Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) 8.3 – When negotiations are called off all parties are required to wait 10 seconds after verbally calling them off before engaging in any form of combat. Description of Incident: We had attempted to rob casino, and before we could all set up Police called negotiations off and shot two people (Drake and Jay) before the ten seconds had ran up. Also, I was told the second video listed with the audio will make up for the other one without the audio. After I had edited the first clip, the full version got messed up and the audio is gone. Evidence: Have you already been to support about this incident: Yes, Santana was AFK so I had to bring it to the forums. If so what was the result of the support case: Moved along to the forums.
  5. Yanni Fatios

    Yanni Fatios - Point Appeal

    There, I edited the post to clear any confusion.
  6. Yanni Fatios

    Yanni Fatios - Point Appeal

    @Jose Mourinho I was, John was the Support member who handled the case. However, there were originally two cased. Gallo looked them over and dropped one completely, then gave me the points for one of them in place of @JBakire
  7. Yanni Fatios

    Yanni Fatios - Point Appeal

    Name: Yanni Fatios Points you where given: 10 Points What staff member gave them to you: @JBakire originally handled my case. @Casey Gallohad to intervene for reasons I'm not getting into on here, so Gallo was the one who actually did the log and paperwork of it. Why should your points be revoked: (50 Words Minimum): In this situation it was Cops v Lucas family. Over radio we were told they are trying to flank using vehicles. I earlier spotted the blue vehicle at the front gate which is where Lucas Family members were located. Anthony had been shot at the rocks behind me. Then moments later the blue car drives up from that area approaching me in a gunfight where I am the last officer still alive..... So I shot him. Once he fell out of the car I realized it wasn't a Lucas member. I knew I was going to be given points for the RDM of him. However, staff should be considering all of the facts of the situation. I had just shot a lucas member out of a red car approaching me, and there was another who used his vehicle to flank to the rocks behind me and killed Anthony Wells. Then there is now another car approaching me while I am surrounded and taking fire. So, I assumed it was a Lucas family member because why would someone not involved be driving up to me in a gunfight, right after Lucas family had just used their vehicles to do the same. David West, the accuser was not valuing his life in this situation and came up to me for no reason besides to distract me or do me harm. In my perspective while playing, my only logical reasoning a guy would be driving to me would be to kill me like everyone else wished to do in that surrounding area. Evidence to support your appeal: My evidence (Yanni - The appellant) David West's evidence (The accuser): Anything you would like to add: No, I've stated everything above. I just hope staff reviews this case with all perspectives and elements of the situation in consideration.
  8. Yanni Fatios

    Point Appeal - Yanni Fatios

    You stated im lying about Slaze claiming to not hear the video, clearly you just trying to twist the situations. Slaze said "I couldn't really hear" at 13:10. But again, its very faint so it would be hard to hear him claiming he couldn't hear. Maybe fix your audio issues to have clearer evidence. Also, my question to Omyarion wasn't confusing in anyway. I asked him his evaluation of the case, I wanted to get his standing so I could then defend myself, but instead he just stated I would be getting points. Which is seen in the video so I dont understand how you are claiming I am also lying about this. Also when you said "Another blatant lie. You didn't try to state the rules and defend your standing. You did and they allowed you to with plenty of time. You did get a chance to say anything, and the staff members didn't do whatever they pleased, they followed staff guidelines. I was actually suprised when they decided to instead of giving you the stand 10 points which would cause you to be banned, they gave you 9. After how you acted you should have been thanking them." In response to "When I tried to state the rules and how they defend my standing, they told me to stop and just to handle it after I get the points. So, I didn't even get the chance to say anything from my side or perspective, the staff members just did whatever they pleased. " This is not true that I am lying, in the video YOU posted, you hear me give my response and Slaze doesn't touch on anything I said, he just said "So whats gonna happen is youre gonna receive the points." (14:40) So yes, this is him doing whatever he pleased an not actually listening to my defence. Now, stop posting on my appeal for points, you are not a staff member and you do not have the right to post on here. If this was a player report against you, sure. However, this is appeal only involving myself and staff at this point because it is regarding disciplinary action of myself, which does not involve your defense. Throughout this whole thing, Adam Johnson has tried to twist what I said and make it seem like I'm a bad guy and dishonest, however this is him deflecting from himself onto me. He never actually argued the facts of the rules and how I applied them in game, he just states I am a rude person and I don't know how to roleplay. Trust me, if anyone should be critiquing my roleplay capabilities, it should not be Adam Johnson. My personality isn't what is in question here, it's if I deserve the points for the alleged rulebreak. Thank you.
  9. Yanni Fatios

    Yanni Fatios - Player Report

    7.1 one doesn't apply to me as I wasn't in danger. 7.2 also doesn't apply to me because I did not have a firearm aimed at me and I was in cover. Finally in regards to 7.3, I was not dealing with "innocent" civilians. I was dealing with violent criminals trying to rob an officer. He just added this video once I made a point appeal stating how Adam Johnson is trying at any opportunity to target me. This was originally in an IA case which was closed. He is just now bringing this to staff since I am appealing against one of his targeting reports. So, I would like to reference "1.9 - Deliberately targeting a group of people or person (whether by play-style or by using reports) in order to remove any chance at fun on the server is against the rules. (Note: Proper roleplay wars and grudges will not be considered here where they are fair in the eyes of staff [not 10v2])."
  10. Yanni Fatios

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

  11. Yanni Fatios

    Point Appeal - Yanni Fatios

    In regards to the IA situation, no your information is false. The State Command members stated that I hadn't violated SOP's since it was a robbery and not a hostage situation and that is why they closed the case. And about my previous points, they aren't and issue of my "roleplay." Don't bring something into the fold from another situation if you don't know the facts. The first case was a simple mistake of changing my voice to the wrong option when trying to taze a fleeing suspect. The second was a situation where we set up an ambush to arrest gang members and in the heat of the moment I only ordered them to put their hands up and I forgot to give a consequence. And go ahead and say I'm lying about the support room, obviously I paraphrased to fit it and to avoid typing for hours. I also want to note that you didn't actually argue any logic of the rules to rebut my best standing points that I've stated, but instead you tried to argue that I am lying and that I am a shitty human being. If you wish to argue my points, then use actual logic and facts, not what you believe of my character. Thanks
  12. Yanni Fatios

    Point Appeal - Yanni Fatios

    What? @Slo Wez
  13. Yanni Fatios

    Point Appeal - Yanni Fatios

    Name: Yanni Fatios Points you where given: 9 (Did not give the full ten so I would not get a ban for point milestone) What staff member gave them to you: Omyarion Abrams and Slaze Rushean Why should your points be revoked: (50 Words Minimum): The points I received are based off of bias. Recently Adam Johnson had brought an invalid complaint to IA against me and I was wrongfully suspended by Omyarion. State command looked at my video and close the case and lifted my suspension since Omyarion was in the wrong. What is so messed up about this support case is that Adam Johnson is person who reported me and Omyarion is yet again giving me invalid disciplinary action. So to clear this up, Omyarion and Adam were the two people involved in each case which also showed bias each time. Adam Johnson has been trying to get me into trouble and any chance he has. Once he was revived in our confrontation, he instantly starting instigating about my IA suspension from before. He began telling me I don't follow rules and cant do my job. Also, once we arrived at DOC, he requested a higher up to falsely report that I didn't read him his rights, which was clearly a lie. I then stated how I saved my recording of me reading the rights and then he admitted I had only after I stated I have evidence. So then after the server goes down I got reported by Adam Johnson who has been attempting to get me in trouble. So, I got pulled into support by Omyarion and he said I was being reported for Fail Value of Life. I said I understood and asked him what his interpretation of the rules were and how they applied to the video. He stated he didn't know what I meant by that. (I was trying to see what he thought of the situation) He then sat quietly for a minute and then told me I was getting points, before asking for my side or defense or anything, he had his mind set from the moment he got the report against me. I then said how it was unacceptable and requested a higher staff member, Omyarion argued with me and told me no, until he finally caved and brought a moderator in. They went into a different channel and talked alone for a few minutes and then came back. Slaze Ruhsean, the Mod stated how he couldn't even hear the audio in the evidence but stated I was getting points anyway. When I tried to state the rules and how they defend my standing, they told me to stop and just to handle it after I get the points. So, I didn't even get the chance to say anything from my side or perspective, the staff members just did whatever they pleased. IMPORTANT: The rule that I applied for my defense of this situation is "7.3 – As a Law Enforcement Officer you must value the lives of all innocent civilians, if your actions will result in a civilian death you should take steps to avoid this. If Police need to use lethal force to protect a civilian it will not be classed as RDM." This rule states that as a LEO I can avoid the situation if it will result in a civilian death. If I complied and did not fool Adam Johnson by having believe I was stuck in the car, he would have robbed me and taken my Jack Carbine. From the perspective of an Officer I was taking steps to avoid a civilian death by convincing the subject that I could not comply with his demands by being stuck in the vehicle. In conclusion, this is a case of spite and bias against me by the same people who had a false case against me in the recent past. Evidence to support your appeal: Anything you would like to add: I would like to add that in the video Sam Jones did not value his life by pulling his gun while having a gun aimed at him. However, Sam was not reported but I was because Adam Johnson just wishes to have me in trouble as I have previously experienced.
  14. Yanni Fatios

    Yanni Fatios - Point Appeal

    Name: Yanni Fatios Points you where given: 10 - This was a reduction from 40 which I had appealed with my ban. What staff member gave them to you: Sam Jones - He reviewed my ban appeal, the original admin who banned me was Devvo Claxon Why should your points be revoked: (50 Words Minimum): I had already got my points reduced down to ten for my actual rule break. I was fine with this as I did make a minor mistake, however the evidence used against me is gone. For my situation Aleksi Jalli used his video as evidence. However, someone made a player report on the forums with his own video because it shows Aleksi using an autoclicker, so Aleksi deleted his video so he could not get in trouble. By doing this Aleksi has destroyed the evidence which supplied me points which is not allowed. Evidence to support your appeal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3nu88QJqrE&feature=youtu.be - This is the original video link which I even used as evidence for my ban appeal. Anything you would like to add: N/A Self Explanatory
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