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  1. Brayden Fend

    [SERVER EVENT] Savior Has Landed

    I'm a perfect fit https://plays.tv/video/5dcf42ef91be9f7b78/wholesome most wholesome delgado
  2. Brayden Fend

    [SERVER EVENT] Savior Has Landed

    I’m the VIP😁
  3. Brayden Fend

    Cop slots/numbers vs CIV

    Change this or die
  4. Brayden Fend

    Brax Delgado

  5. Brayden Fend

    Duck Atron - Staff Application

    Very mature and overall good cunt, although I’m better. +1
  6. Brayden Fend

    Brax Delgado

    https://gyazo.com/17a8100834b95063d37eea781f28e965 Unfortunately my clip got voided some how so if the sergeant would be wiling to show his POV that would be a great help here but I understand if you aren't going to make him show it. (It's for a reason) have a good day! -Fend
  7. Brayden Fend

    Brax Delgado Report

    https://plays.tv/video/5dc0d6a5e3e7b583dd/resident https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1906599207 This is my recording.
  8. Brayden Fend

    Brax Delgado

    I think I do have a Biden right from the prior also I wasn’t trying to S1
  9. Brayden Fend

    Brax Delgado Report

  10. Brayden Fend

    Brax Delgado

    How do you know my name?
  11. Brayden Fend

    Brax Delgado

    Also proof from sergeant is needed because you guys came late to the situation and the sergeant patrolling alone behind us was the one ramming, s1 Ning and attempted to spike.
  12. Brayden Fend

    Brax Delgado Report

    I have proof I can provide tomorrow when I’m back on. Also, if I’m a Delgado shouldn’t a SMT deal with this? Just curious, thanks.
  13. Brayden Fend

    Brax Delgado

    Yes exactly your evidence just shows you being the victim here.
  14. Brayden Fend

    Brax Delgado

    Tyrone please show some of your prior it does show you ramming is, thanks.
  15. Brayden Fend

    Brax Delgado

    Please provide prior or ask the Sergeant for his POV and it will clearly show.
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