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  1. Carlos Luis Fernando

    Brian's Uranium

    No, I got points instead. So no comp. On top of that he made the complaint days after it happened, so I didn't even see it as there was only 24 hours to reply.
  2. Carlos Luis Fernando

    Carlos Luis Femando Player Report

    He literally swerved into me in an attempt VDM, he knew what he was doing. Maybe examine the following rules you broke: 9.1 – Exploiting in game features to gain an advantage will result in a permanent ban from the community. (Running over someone script, this wasn't an accident) 10.1 – You may not attempt to kill someone or run someone over with your vehicle unless they are in front of your vehicle (clearly abusing the VDM rule) and threatening your life. 10.6 - You may not use running someone over to gain a tactical advantage. I'm not comping anything.
  3. Carlos Luis Fernando

    9000 Member giveaway!

  4. Carlos Luis Fernando

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

  5. Carlos Luis Fernando


    Name me one Federal Penitentiary that you can walk up to with an auto and not be blown away. I'll consider it then. Also, I have personally advocated for that shop to be in every cell, that would make things a lot more intense for everyone.
  6. Carlos Luis Fernando

    Banjamin Forester - KFD Application

    why is this in here?
  7. Carlos Luis Fernando


    Do not make a rule about being restrained in cells. It's the only way to deal with glitchers/exploiters.
  8. Carlos Luis Fernando


    We can't just leave to cell block unattended. Give us some real suggestions with our responsibilities in mind.
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