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  1. Requirements Must be 18 years and older (Exception to 16 year old but must have a reference from a respected member of the ANZUSRP or agree to a voice interview with staff and have a general mature attitude in the discord and forums.) Must be in the ANZUSRP discord Must have a working clear microphone Can not exceed 30 points within the ANZUSGaming/ANZUSRP community How old are you? 16 Steam Account Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Commandojeffrey/ Your Steam HEX/64 Code: 76561198179347943 Are you in the GTA Anzus Discord?: Yes What is your Discord username: Special Ed#0094 What is your main style of RP? Police Station Tell us about the character you will be and what makes him/her unique. Danny Everest is from liberty city he grew up not having alot of friends and stuck to his family the most, He was very straight edge not really branching out and trying as much as his peers did, When he was 12 he watched his brother Zack Green fall into the grasps of the local gangs, Scared to lose his brother he tried to plea with him to stop going down the path he was, With no budge zack continued to live the opposite life danny did running guns, getting into gang rivalries. All of this happend as Danny watched in horror, When danny was 16 he got his first car and drove around all of his friends, While danny was on his way home on January 16th 2014 he got a call from his mother, Zack had died in gang related crime, Zack was the only real friend danny had, so he was destroyed, He swore off any crime from this point on and became interested in cop tv shows he wanted to learn everything about them because he saw himself as a protector, 4 years after zack died Danny moved to Los santos where he bought his first apartment and started work at the los santos customs, He looked into joining the lspd and still lives in that very same apartment regretting not trying hard enough to get his brother out of crime and is left sitting in his own filth that are his own regrets. Define Roleplay in your own words: Roleplay in my eyes is being in the game and living like its your own life What RP experience do you have: I have alot of rp experience i was a cop on a fivem server called Cadojrp, I was on a cop on the kamdan server and have played alot of arma and fivem Define Metagaming in your own words: Metagaming is where you use a 3rd party source to obtain information that you wouldnt get by regularly playing the game Define KOS in your own words: Kos to me means that a target has put my life or others lives in danger and needs to be dispatched before doing more damage Define RDM and VDM in your own words: RDM Means randomn death match which is where someone kills you with no valid reason vdm is vehicular death match when someone runs you over If you have any videos or clips of you roleplaying, please link them here: I dont sadly because i usually record arma and arma isnt exactly the roleplay haven Post a link to our rules: https://www.anzus.life/topic/10201-server-rules/ Have you read our Rules, and do you understand our Rules?: Yes Do you have any people in our GTA community that will recommend you?: No Do you understand that this is not GTA, we are a roleplay server and you must base your actions on real life?: Yes Do you agree to pass ownership of any documents, scripts, textures or anything created in/or for the ANZUS RP community will be owned by us and not available to be used anywhere else?: Yes Another individual walks up to you, armed, and demands you give over your keys and whatever money you have in your pocket. Their gun is aimed directly at you and you are unarmed. What would you do?: Comply with all his orders, and give him my money and keys. While making conversation to keep the tension low and avoid any action that the individual might want to do. Same scenario as above, only this time you are armed but do not have your gun drawn. Comply with all his orders, like the above but keep my eye out for any slight chance that the gunman would get distracted and turn his attention away from me, if this dosent happen i give him everything he wants Crossing the street, another individual plows through the intersection, running you over and causing you to be “downed”. They stop and come back to roleplay that they did in fact hit you. How would you proceed with the scenario?: I would proceed with the roleplay and act hurt and roleplay that my entire body hurts while still roleplaying, While standing around the garage with some friends. An individual walks up, says nothing, and shoots you before running off. What would you do?: I Would stay in character and roleplay being shot while getting 2 of the friends to stay with me to call the police and ems while the others tail the dude and update the cops on his whereabouts You have to go AFK in an active role playing situation, What do you say to the people around you?: I finish the situation and continue role-playing until the situation has ended or i see a way to go afk
  2. Danny Everest

    Danny Everest Compensation Request

    ame: Danny Everest Steam64ID: 76561198179347943 Date of Incident: 8/7/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 5:15 Amount your claiming: 2.2 mill Description of situation: We won fed and were trying to hack the fed the server crashed and we werent able to get the money after successfully wiping the cops Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5d4b76d5262505edf2/server-goes-down-as-soon-as-we-win-fed-rip https://plays.tv/video/5d4bcb36a16406c3f7/rip Evedince That server went down Server Dies 2 hrs 41 mins, And at 2hrs 20 mins they all were at pd after being wiped. Re posted From Jordan Sullivan with more evidence
  3. Danny Everest

    Jordan Sullivan comp request

    https://plays.tv/video/5d4bcb36a16406c3f7/rip Proof that we wiped cops before server restart
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