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  1. Alexi Leinov

    Inmate Rule Suggestion

    +1 to both ideas
  2. Alexi Leinov

    Taylor Report

    I was the one in the ford fiesta you were not following me pal I came from rebel
  3. Alexi Leinov

    Joshi Long-Player Report

    Name: Alexi Insomnia Name of player you are reporting: Joshi Long Date of Incident: 11/17/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 10:31 AM Rule(s) Broken: 4.2 – When initiating on someone you must verbally initiate, provide a demand and a consequence. You also need a firearm in hand to initiate. (which must be visible at some point in order to enable the person you are initiating on clearly tell who is initiating on them and the threat is real) Description of Incident: Me and another player were breaking into prison to break out our buddy's, since we were in different uniforms we both had to initiate separately and when we did so they said they couldn't see our gun so we went internal to show the threat and before valid initiation was made we got sprayed down by Joshi Long without proper initiation. Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5dd18f0b751f03f683/ok- Have you already been to support about this incident: Yes If so what was the result of the support case: Senior Support told me to take it to the forums
  4. Alexi Leinov

    Insomnia (Official)

    In game Name: Alexi Leinov Hours in Arma 3: 665 Steam 64 ID:76561198304911956 Age:19 Are you currently Police or EMS: Police Corporal (DOC) Why Do you want to join Insomnia: I want to join Insomnia so I can do some criminal stuff while on as a civ and not just be bored running around kamdan. I also want to join insomnia to help new people to the island "evolve their rp" so to speak.
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