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Jager Schweinhund

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  1. it will be fixed next update it was finished last second so pipe down sweetie
  2. Jager Schweinhund

    [SERVER EVENT] Protecting Ashworth

  3. Jager Schweinhund

    Kamdan Life 2.6.2 [New police weapon shops, Bug fixes]

    Still no jeep in the Cpl shop
  4. Jager Schweinhund

    Community Meeting [Economy Wipe, New modpack]

    Sure we got a wipe but now more people can join lotta good shit in here thanks for the good work
  5. Jager Schweinhund

    A few things [Must read]

    i know look a few messages up from my -1 someone was saying remove sost from normal police
  6. Jager Schweinhund

    A few things [Must read]

    not -1 on your stuff but -1 on sost removal why remove our only good mags till sgt and screw police over even more then we usually are anyway
  7. Jager Schweinhund

    A few things [Must read]

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