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Jager Schweinhund

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  1. Jager Schweinhund

    Police Prosecutor

    Personal Information: Name: Jager Schweinhund Age: 17 Steam64ID: 76561198080472206 Country of Residence & Time zone: NA PST Discord ID: A California Compliant German #3131 Character Questions: Do you currently possess a BAR license?: Y Have you been convicted in the last week of any felonies?: N Please list any previous experience as a prosecutor below, or any other relevant experience: No Why do you want to join the Prosecutors office?: (50 word minimum) I want to join the police prosecutors office because I have a friend in it and I have always wanted to be able to do more against the more serious criminals instead of just basically letting them do the worst things and just letting them go with their crimes. I would also like to expand my knowledge as a Law enforcement Officer and get more experience in the legal side of things instead of just enforcement. Personal Questions: Are you fluent in English?: Yes Is this the first time you are applying to the DA's office?: Yes Why should you be accepted into the Prosecutors office?: (50 word minimum) Because I have a strong interest in law and that kind of thing I have wanted to become a police prosecutor all the way from 2.0 but never really though about it. But now that I have talked to more lawyers and gotten more involved in the judicial system and that kind of thing I'm very interested in wanting to become a prosecutor. Do you affirm that to the best of your knowledge the information above is correct?: Y
  2. Trooper's Details Troopers Name: Jager Schweinhund Your Rank: S dep Your Department: Patrol Your Badge Number: 284 _______________________________________________ Discipline Information Punishing Trooper: Jackson Black Their Rank: LT Their Badge Number: 122 Punishment you where given: 10 points and a 5 day suspension Link to punishment report: _________________________________________________ Please provide in detail on what happened?: I had said on twitter "to the kid who got robbed by tariq why the fuck did you have 2 bcm carbines" Why should your punishment be overturned?: I do not feel and other officers I have talked to including some that were cmd can see why me saying "fuck" on Twitter would be 10 points worthy and not a verbal I understand about my past and that sort of thing but someones past should have 0 basis in how many or what punishment I'm getting what some people see as unprofessional isn't unprofessional by others there is very little continuity over who sees it. And me asking the civilian I honestly was curious why he had two very expensive firearms and also I can get his name and go question him about it. I can understand being professional and that sort of thing but honestly saying fuck should not be seen as unprofessional even if this was a real police department a cop saying fuck in their own personal Twitter at the very most would be a don't do that again I was not being disrespectful or anything to the guy. There is no reason that an officer saying fuck on twitter is 10 points and not a verbal when you have officers who do 5 times as worse things and they only get verbals or not even anything and are just told don't do it again. I do not think and the officers I have talked to do not think 10 points is a fair punishment for what I did. Unprofessionalism and what the global sop says about unprofessionalism should not apply to me simply asking a guy why he had two firearms on him because at the end of the day this is a video game not a ultra mega serious police department obviously there is a place for roleplay but there is no reason that this should be more serious of a matter then if an actual cop did it. I again understand that what I did was wrong but I do not think it's 5 or 10 points worthy and the very most a verbal or written. I didn't say anything obscene or offensive or anything out of this world terrible I simply said the word fuck while asking why someone had 2 class 3 firearms. I can assure though that after this and I fully understand what is allowed and not allowed to use foul lang on Twitter or just only use Twitter for notifications such as a bridge being closed or something like that. And the last thing to add i didn't say it in a direction of anyone just in a general statement not directed to anyone or anything. Do you agree not to message a Major+ to review your appeal?: Yes Do you have any evidence to support your dispute? (Video strongly recommended): I do not
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