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  1. Muro Williams

    Michy Batshuayi - Player Report

    There is nothing to do with me after the uranium processing area.And the thing happened in the uranium area is a basic car accident which caused no damage. I wasn`t trying to ram him at the highway too I wasn't trying to ram him anywhere you really think that I cant reach his truck with an aston martin?Im not responsible for his truck flying.I have nothing to do with all this I didn't even try to initiate on him all that happened is a car accident. I didn't even try to shoot at him. "You guys shouldn't have been trying to ram him at all you should've just left him be." ; Thats the case with the " guys " in the situation I have nothing to do with it.
  2. Muro Williams

    Kyle Blottle Player Report

    With the heat of the moment, I was just thinking that you were about to run away.But when I look at it from your perspective I agree that I should have given you some time to comply.Im sorry about the incident and I will give back what you have lost.
  3. Muro Williams

    Michy Batshuayi - Player Report

    First of all I was not trying ram him off the road, I was trying to turn right and the aston martin is too fast so thats why I accidentally hit his truck ( which didn't result in his car blowing up or something).Plus I could easily reach him on the highway If I wanted to ram him.I didn't even initiate I was just trying to see who was in the car and when I got out of the car with a gun, I did not shoot at him because there was no initiation at all I was just going to repair my vehicle and I wanted to protect myself against possible threats.About the part he flies out of the atmosphere I have nothing to do with it.What we see in the uranium processing is a simple car crash which didn't result in anything.So I am not responsible for the loss uranium and don't think I have to compensate anything.
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