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  1. Jack Septic

    David Perez - Player Report

    Name: Cody striker Name of player you are reporting: David Perez Date of Incident: 07/16/2019 Time of Incident (EST Time): EST 7:14:57 Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) 1.) 4.2 – When initiating on someone you must verbally initiate, provide a demand and a consequence. You also need a visible Firearm to initiate 2.) 9.8 – You must not use ingame features in an unrealistic manner. (Minor Exploiting) (Includes third person'ing THROUGH walls, shooting through walls which you could obviously not shoot through [such as concrete and brick walls], and running through walls) Description of Incident: I pulled up to the mushroom field he then un flipped my car and also did not give me a consequence when initiating Evidence:
  2. Jack Septic

    Cody Striker- Points appeal

    Name: Cody striker Points you where given: 15 What staff member gave them to you: (@ the staff member) e.g. @Lachlan Brah Why should your points be revoked: (50 Words Minimum): So I had the see staff thing on my name so I went to support talked to Lachlan and I didn't think I had any evidence because when my game closed I raged and then went to help do stuff around the house. So I never went into Arma until after I talked to Lachlan and I saw the crash report was still their to were I went back and talked to him and he help me take a screen shot of it because I didn't know how to cause don't play on my pc that much. Also he was in the channel with to others and he asked them if their was a way to remove points and they said no so that is why I am making this support ticket Evidence to support your appeal: the picture I linked Anything you would like to add: No I hope I explained it well
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