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Dean Guerrilla

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  1. Dean Guerrilla

    LOA Request - Dustin Cena

    Approved. I guess
  2. Dean Guerrilla

    Jacob Micheal's - Transfer Request

  3. Dean Guerrilla

    LOA Request - Artem Melnyk

  4. Name: Artem Melnyk Badge Number: 252 Department: DOC Current Rank: Snr. Trooper New Rank: Corporal New Badge Number: N/A Reason for the promotion/demotion: Shown to be an asset to DOC. Promoting/Demoting Officers Details Name: Deano Guerrilla Rank: Deputy warden Badge Number: 123 Signature Deano Guerrilla
  5. Dean Guerrilla

    Coyote Dingo Transfer Request

    On Hold.
  6. Dean Guerrilla

    Aiden Peach - Transfer Request

    Denied. Lack of Effort.
  7. Dean Guerrilla

    Transfer Request - Johnny Tero

    On Hold
  8. Dean Guerrilla

    Jack White - Transfer Request

    On Hold
  9. Dean Guerrilla

    Dean Rusks Transfer

  10. Dean Guerrilla

    Transfer Request - Tofu Sting

  11. Dean Guerrilla

    Jordan Gilbert - Patrol Transfer

    On Hold.
  12. Dean Guerrilla

    Tyler Jeffrey - Transfer Request

  13. Dean Guerrilla

    Tyrone biglock - Transfer request

  14. Dean Guerrilla

    Transfer Request - Jon Smith

    On Hold.
  15. Dean Guerrilla

    Jim Pickens - Transfer request

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