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  1. Solar Drift

    Looking for 4 more official gangs for Kamdan Life

    Then Why Do I have the photo shop .psb files and screen share my customers the process of how I make them?? I will show u what I see from my screen. I have not Stolen anything, pls remove your defamatory statements.
  2. Solar Drift

    Looking for 4 more official gangs for Kamdan Life

    This Uniform was made by me and you can a custom one today by going to this discord https://discord.gg/r224bad CUSTOM CLOTHING DISCORD! CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS TODAY!
  3. Solar Drift

    Looking for 4 more official gangs for Kamdan Life

    Gang Name: Telletubies Intelligence Agency Gang Leader: Solar Drift Gang Leader Discord: Empire#5971 Do you have a uniform available: Yes https://gyazo.com/38d391b17188d909b475c3c0566d5a44 https://gyazo.com/2fd56ca7eb26aee2cdf5a141b624b66d https://gyazo.com/a5101a207283e124fd1e9b415038eeb9 List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID): In Roster https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WxlU-v-s2JmaXBaEpq9cBj2n3K_s1yMuyuXtzGFE68g/edit?usp=sharing Recruitment Thread:
  4. Solar Drift

    Drip Kage - Player Report

    He blocked out my voice by Talking over me in the video. My gang mate also told him "or I'll shoot you" after I said "Hop out of the car without a weapon." Not only did he come into contact with an active scenario but also took it as initiation as he drove off which validates the initiation. He drove off and then only came back because he knew he was not valuing his life.
  5. Solar Drift

    Solar Drift Comp Request

    Name: Solar Drift Steam64ID: 76561198133496958 Date of Incident: 06/19/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 12 am Amount your claiming: 250k for the honey badger I lost Description of situation: The player report case has already been approved / closed for the other player failing to initiate which ended with me bleeding out and dying. I was told by the support members in TS to go file a comp request now that my player report has been approved. Evidence:
  6. Solar Drift

    Player Report - Solar Drift

    I only see a screen shot not a video as you state in the response. I accidentally gave this man 27k outside of a safe zone, not near an atm. Then I realized this Yelled at him to put his hands up or be shot. He ran into a safe zone(ATM within North Kamdan) and put the money away. He came back and laughed that I gave him the money instead. I told him to "put ur hands up or be shot" again once more because I was unsure of rules and wanted to be careful. He didn't and began to walk away, so I shot him.
  7. Solar Drift

    Reporting Matt Miller

    Name: Solar Drift Name of player you are reporting: Matt Miller (Gang: Melon Team 6) (76561198183504975) Date of Incident: 06/19/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 12am Rule(s) Broken: RDM and Failed to Initiate Description of Incident: We were near a meth van but clearly not in zone. A car pulls up to me across the street. I begin pulling my gun out and then the guy (Matt) hops out and says "Sir, Can You show me them Hands?". Then he shoots me. There was no threat nor enough time given between his invalid initiation and his rdm. Evidence: Please turn Browser volume all the way up as my voice is difficult to hear. Also skip to 1min and 45 seconds to watch Matt break rules.
  8. Solar Drift

    Player Report - Solar Drift

    I gave u 27k not 26k. #TelletubbiesForLife #MS13
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