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louis cox

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  1. louis cox

    rip the bmw dream

  2. louis cox

    rip the bmw dream

    @Johnny Appleseed
  3. louis cox

    rip the bmw dream

    yes atm
  4. louis cox

    rip the bmw dream

    @Johnny Appleseed i dont think the money went thought ?
  5. louis cox

    rip the bmw dream

    Thnx boo boo
  6. louis cox

    rip the bmw dream

    Name:louis cox Steam64ID:76561198837814284 Date of Incident:9 .9.19 Time of Incident (LA Time): around mid night Amount your claiming:150k Description of situation: paid for car didnt spawn or get the car but took money Evidence:https://youtu.be/s8PzaioPS3E
  7. louis cox

    Community Meeting [Economy Wipe, New modpack]

    I think you should wipe ksp/kmd as well (maybe not right away but soon after )
  8. louis cox

    louis cox ksp app

    there dont seem to be any doc ftos on when im on atm
  9. louis cox

    comp for rule break

    Name: louis cox Steam64ID:76561198837814284 Date of Incident:24/8/19 Time of Incident (LA Time):9:45 Amount your claiming:250k Description of situation/Evidence: https://www.anzus.life/topic/11628-adam-diaz-yeah/?tab=comments#comment-47460
  10. louis cox

    hacker is a butt

    Name:louis cox Steam64ID:76561198837814284 Date of Incident:20/8/19 Time of Incident (LA Time):10pm (ish) Amount your claiming:400k / 350k Description of situation:hacker blowing up server Evidence: https://youtu.be/-aa8Hl_YF88
  11. louis cox

    louis cox ksp app

    Name: louis cox (will change if i get it ) Timezone: GMT Age: 18 Date of Birth: second of september 2000 (2/9/00) Steam 64 ID: 76561198837814284 NOTE: You will require 2 references from Corporal+ for your application to be processed Reference 1: @Kyle Black Reference 2: @Patrick Star How did you require these references? asked and ride along Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? (100 words minimum):I would like to join the Kamdan State Police because i have wanted to role play as a cop for a long time and this is now my opportunity to do so. Kamdan is full of criminals always doing illegal activity's and me being another cop on the police force would mean that criminals have a lower chance of getting away with the illegal activity's criminals get up to. In the future i would like to be in SWAT and improve my aiming and maneuverability to make me a better officer which would mean a better role play experience for me and the police force but also for anyone that i come across. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): sadly none this is the only server ive played on. What makes a good Officer in your opinion? (100 words minimum):A good Police Officer in my honest opinion would be someone who follows their SOPs, is knowledgeable of their SOPs, doesn't break or abuse their SOPs, but plays the part as a Police Officer well, and presents a professional and respectful demeanor to all the different Citizens of Kamdan. They engage in realistic "Role-Play", but not so much that is is either considered ridiculous nor unrealistic, as they are seen as real Police Officers, doing their job well. A good Police Officer will do whatever is possible within his power to help benefit the Citizens of Kamdan, and do their best to stop Rebels participating in illicit activities, and major crimes.
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