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  1. Azamat Bagatov

    Rework the Skills/XP system?

    do a world of Warcraft level squish rather than a wipe put all the are above level 10 back to there so at least they have rebel and can carry on with their bullshit and not be bored or something along those lines cus surely your not changing every perk maybe even keep the same and reward the high level players with the perks free as a loyalty thing (im lvl 17 so im not looking for free stuff)
  2. Azamat Bagatov

    Playboy's Recruitment (cutom uniform/car)

    Application Format In-game name: Azamat Bagatov Hours in Arma 3:963 Age:16 Bank Balance:200k Do you have the rebel perk?: yes How active are you: every day 3 hours Any earlier bans: no Country and time zone: UK GMT+0 Do you speak fluent English: YES Steam64 ID:76561198241906942 Quick little explination why u would want to join: i have seen your gang around the island quite frequently which shows me that this gang is active, also when ever I have spoken to a playboy member they have always been helpful and non-toxic which is a real pull factor for me to want to join the gang. I feel like I would be a good asset to your gang as I can shoot well and rp out of most situations. (I understand if u think im cute 😉)
  3. Azamat Bagatov

    Devils Henchmen - Official Gang - Reviewing Applications

    1. Age:16 2. Hours on Arma:960 3. Link any montages (Not Required): 4. Rate your shooting ability on a scale of 1 - 10:8-9 5. Whats your play style (E.G Passive, Aggressive): scenario dependant can do what ever 6. Do you know how to call-out targets correctly (EG. bearing or direction): yep 7. Any previous gang affiliation, if so state: n/a 8. Any bans on record: nope 9. Timezone: gmt 10. What level are you in game: 10
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