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Tyrone Rogue

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  1. Tyrone Rogue


    As much as I was in love with Kings County, I do not feel we should go back there. For majority of Anzus Player base it'll feel like a continuous loop a week into being on kings County making it boring. The reason why majority of our player base continue to come back is due to the updates and new stuff/map updates we get and its' amazing like nothing I've seen before. Kings County is very nostalgic I can agree but being on it for an additional 6 Months I feel could possibly kill the Anzus population. If what I said made no sense sorry... I still disagree with Black market Class 3s, It doesn't really make sense to me as it's just taking the Player Interaction out of Buying these weapons. People join the island to become a guns/crafting organization lets take Marcivus (sorry if I spelled it wrong) gang for instance. They dedicate their time to fulfill orders to craft Either Guns/Gun Parts, and with Class 3s returning there will be little to no use for any sort of crafting as everyone will probably run the same guns that's already on the market. Auction house is pretty much a replacement for Class 3s on the Black market because say if there is no guns on the auction house, there is always someone to call about setting up a deal, it's forcing frag based players to roleplay in a sense that makes it enjoyable for everyone. Regardless if Crafting gets extremely Overpowered guns or not it'll still be kind of thrown away... (Again if I made no sense sorry fam)
  2. Tyrone Rogue


    Lowkey feel like keeping Class 3 Player base bought such as through the auction house even private buyers adds on in a way to that Player v. Player interaction. I thought with the current state of Class 3s we were fine to be fair. Class 3-As on the black market when Heavy Class 3-Bs on auction house was working perfectly I believe, really don't want people to rely on Black market anymore like it used to be. Certain changes are amazingly good for the community but could also change us so much to where we could be back in 3.0 in a way. Sorry If what I say is confusing to understand.
  3. Tyrone Rogue

    State of Alaska v Tyrone Rogue

    Can we hold off on my case as I am currently banished from the island by very scary men for a while. (18 days) @Loxxon Husky "All hail Tyrone" - Quote March 12th 1642
  4. Tyrone Rogue

    State of Alaska v Tyrone Rogue

    I would like a public defender
  5. Tyrone Rogue

    State of Alaska v. Tyrone Rogue

    @Kieran Smith I will make you an example to the people of alaska... IF THIS WARRANT ISN'T REMOVED... I WILL POST A VIDEO OF ME EXECUTING KIERAN SMITH ONCE HE IS FOUND!!!!
  6. Tyrone Rogue

    State of Alaska v. Tyrone Rogue

    I will murder EACH and EVERY Citizen of this PISS HOLE CALLED ALASKA!!!!!!! I will Take over thee Alaskan government and Rename Alaska, Rogueland and make this entire shithole a NICE place for my CHILDREN! #DictatorShip #GOODBYEALASKA
  7. Tyrone Rogue

    State of Alaska v. Tyrone Rogue

    @Joseph Ibney You will be my second Victim to my Armageddon.. Everyone shall perish in the name of DAN!!!!! #R.I.P Alaska || #DeathToLoxxon #DeathToIbney #DeathToAlaska!!!
  8. Tyrone Rogue

    State of Alaska v. Tyrone Rogue

    @Loxxon Husky I will find you and execute you directly on the steps of the Pine City Court house... You have been warned.... I am tired of the unfairness within the state of alaska! It is time I take a stand against it all.. I will blow up every State owned Building as I can, and I will MURDER any and all Judges I come across. You all have been warned.... I have finally stood up to my name and gone... R.O.G.U.E. - Thee Tyrone Rogue.
  9. Tyrone Rogue

    State of Alaska v. Tyrone Rogue

    @Chris Willkin At the time I was unable to see this post, is there anyway I can get representation?
  10. Tyrone Rogue

    Issac Dick v. Alaska State Troopers

    I would like Representation and I am available everyday other than Saturday and Sunday.
  11. @Parker Snovle and @Jonny Five Heart racing right now tryna fight for the first Penthouse
  12. ez pooping on everyone
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