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  1. cadan

    Cadan Pearce - Player Report

    No we didn't, we were raiding DOC and they came over in the heli, watch the video
  2. cadan

    Cadan Pearce - Player Report

    Watch this somewhere in the video the initiation will be, his two minutes doesn't show it needs more - not a clue where it is in this video but it'll be somewhere
  3. cadan

    Cadan Pearce - Player Report

    Can he not just show more? It's literally a 20 second clip ofc it'll make me look guilty, I really don't want to go back through all my video and find all the time stamps
  4. cadan

    Cadan Pearce - Player Report

    We'd initiated on them prior, and me and Cole were taking over DOC before they arrived. They landed a heli on the roof after we took it over. They interfered with OUR major crime.
  5. cadan

    Cadan Pearce - Player Report

    It's wild dude! Maybe people have lives and don't have to slave themselves to forums reports, I know WOW! Also just watch the second video he posted he rammed like 3 of us very clearly intentionally don't be an idiot in future.
  6. cadan

    Cadan Pearce - Player Report

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/435360126?t=02h03m29s We'd just killed their entire gang, they intentionally rammed us he's also a member of the gang we had KoS and we actively killing, even one of his gang members admits it. If he shows 2 minutes prior you'll clearly see he's trying to ram us and will 100% say that in his video
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