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  1. Name: John McKenneth Badge Number: 321 Department: Patrol Current Rank: Sr Trooper New Rank: Corporal New Badge Number: 321 Reason for the promotion/demotion: Has shown great improvement and shows strong leadership potential Promoting/Demoting Officers Details Name: Jason Walker / Jason Bourne Rank: Lt / Lt Badge Number: 120 / 121 Signature: Jason Walker
  2. Name: Sarah Parker Badge Number: 332 Department: Patrol Current Rank: Sr Trooper New Rank: Corporal New Badge Number: 332 Reason for the promotion/demotion: Meets TIG and shows supervisor potential Promoting/Demoting Officers Details Name: Jason Walker / Jason Bourne Rank: Lt / Lt Badge Number: 120 / 121 Signature: Jason Walker
  3. Name: Ashton Lawrence Badge Number: 237 Department: Patrol Current Rank: Sr Trooper New Rank: Corporal New Badge Number: 237 Reason for the promotion/demotion: Has shown great improvement and shows strong leadership potential Promoting/Demoting Officers Details Name: Jason Walker / Jason Bourne Rank: Lt / Lt Badge Number: 120 / 121 Signature: Jason Walker
  4. Jason Walker

    Tommy Kvist Punishment Report

    Name: Tommy Kvist Rank: Sr Trooper Badge Number: 241 Department: Patrol Reason for Punishment: Classification F (Criminal Activity) Result of Punishment: Termination Authorising Officer Name: Jordan Goulding / Jason Walker Rank: Deputy Chief / Lieutenant Badge Number: 101 / 120 Department: State Command / Patrol *Notes: Whitelisting has been removed, Tags Removed, Discord Tags Removed*
  5. Jason Walker

    Evan Eisen-LOA Request

  6. Jason Walker

    Alakazam LOA

  7. Jason Walker

    Mack Johnson Resignation

    o7 😞
  8. Jason Walker

    Nickolas Hardwick - LOA Request

    Approved however please message me the reason for the ban @Nickolas Ryker
  9. Jason Walker

    [NEWS] Kamdan Daily

    Insert Generation Kill meme Also time for 24/7 Martial Law?
  10. Jason Walker

    Better arrest / processing RP?

    Hello Marcus, Thank you for taking the time to tell us how you feel about your most recent interaction with the KSP, I would like to take this time to help elaborate on some of the more grayer areas that the KSP deals with. Almost 99% of the time when a individual has a class 3 firearm they do not surrender as you have done (to which I say thank you for) the majority of the population of Kamdan simply would rather put up a fight then to surrender which as you might infer leads to a more aggressive type of policing, although we attempt to create as much roleplay as possible we cannot be the only ones that are attempting to bring more RP to the island. Our Troopers are held to a high standard and although the roleplay is a part of that standard we cannot be the only ones that should hold that standard the LEO's that are on duty are targets, people attempt to rob,kill or kidnap us simply for our weapons or for a higher negotiation tool so in turn our officers are under a high amount of stress. That stress is the reason why some troopers are fairly aggressive. At the same time we get the population constantly trolling and berating us saying things like "see ya in IA" or "see ya in court" and that is the reason why so many Troopers are like the "robots" you described. The reason why they sound like they were reading it off their hand is because they do not want to be the ones that are being seen in IA or Court they are simply asking you all the right questions that they have to so they do nothing wrong. Lastly I want to touch up on the part were you stated " as it seems every situation where I have had a firearm, its 'hands up or get shot", instead of some "woah buddy, calm down, lower the firearm for me." type RP." The troopers initial contact is one of the most important we want to end every situation as peacefully and quickly as possible due to the numerous amount of gangs on the island its imperative that the troopers end the situation as fast as possible so that the person(s) gang/affiliation does not attempt to intervene and save them creating a bigger more serious situation. (not that every civilian is in a gang but the most fatal crimes are committed by gangs so we must improvise to be able to bring them to justice). I hope that some of this was informative and maybe shed some light on the situation you were in, in any case I will be having a talk with our Patrol supervisors to see if we can bring some more Roleplay into the server if you have any other questions,comments or concerns please reach out to me on discord Jason Walker#1649. Sincerely, Lieutenant Jason Walker
  11. Jason Walker

    Hunting Grounds

    Would also add in firearm roleplay that wouldn't end in deaths
  12. Jason Walker

    Jason Walker DOJ Application

    Supreme Court of Kamdan Bar Admission Application Character Details Character Name: Jason Walker Character Primary Faction (e.g. Civ, Cop, Gang, ect.): Kamdan State Police Are you currently under employment by any corporation?: Kamdan State Police Do you plan to practice privately, in a firm, as a public defender or as a prosecutor? (Note: All Public Defenders must go through the Public Defender's Office, and all prosecutors must go through the District Attorney's Office.) I plan on joining as a State Prosecutor Do you currently have an offer of a job in any of these? No Do you have a mentor lawyer that you know that could assist you in practice when you first start? N/A References (not required but very helpful): Jason Steele Personal Details (IRL) Age: 19 Date of Birth: 07/26/00 Steam64 ID: 76561198121459748 TeamSpeak ID (or Name): Jason Walker Country:United States of America Timezone: NA but more like EU due to work hours Character Questions Persons already accepted into a prosecutor/defender position may skip these questions Do you have any experience and particular skills as a lawyer? (Min 25 words or 5 dot points) I used to be a public defender in Jackson County but I also have a strong belief in the Criminal Justice system and I think I can be a strong assist to the DOJ Why would you like to become a lawyer in Kamdan? (Min 50 words or 8 dot points) I would like to become a lawyer in Kamdan because I have a big itch to practice law on the other side of the criminal justice system, I also think that I can be a strong assist because I hold no bias and will wear the blindfold of justice when it comes to prosecution. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a lawyer? (Min 25 words) Strengths *Strong Debate style *Will not leave any stone unturned *Will always seek justice *Will never just give up Weaknesses *No Prolonged Experience as a Attorney *Due to my work I can be mandated to come in which can cause activity issues *Activity due to also being a LEO How many hours a year (a week) can you put into the Department of Justice? 10-15 What is your goal as a position within 2 months of being accepted? My goal is to become a Assistant District Attorney Why should your application be accepted? My application should be accepted because I have a strong passion to be in the court room arguing on behalf of the people of Kamdan and making sure due process is met. Disclosure Have You Been Previously Struck Off the Roll (e.g. been kicked out of the DOJ/practicing certificate forfeited)? If Yes, For What Reason? N/A Do you have Current Pending Criminal Charges Against You? If so, what charges? N/A Disclose Any of the Following Convictions; Murder of a Judge executing his duties, Attack of a Courthouse or Terrorist Acts Towards the Courts: N/A Disclose Any Convictions for Perjury or Lying Under Oath in Kamdan: N/A Please Disclose the Number of Past Applications For Admission Made: 0 Please Disclose Reasons for the Denied Applications: (if any have occurred) N/A Do you have any Past Bans on ANZUS Gaming? N/A Do you have any staff points? No active. If you have answered yes to any of the above, please explain why we should still accept your application: Bar Test Please complete the application. A interview will determine entry to the state bar if your application is approved and you pass the interview. To pass the interview, it is recommended to study the New Attorney's Practitioners Guide and the DOJ: Rules and Procedures. Legal Note Knowingly providing false or misleading information on this document is a crime punishable by up to 15 months imprisonment and/or a $200,000 fine. Attempting to breach examination rules is a civil offense punishable by up to a $50,000 fine. This will render you ineligible to reapply without special leave of the Supreme Court of Kamdan.
  13. Jason Walker

    Australia #1

  14. Jason Walker

    Selling a very Rare Item

    Well I'll go $2.50 (cuz we all know the USD is better than some weight measurement) and ill even throw in Aiden's left Kidney for it
  15. Jason Walker

    ANZUS Meme Competition [Big Prize Pool]

    Going in to kill his 12 y/o fans 😂
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