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  1. Connor Cormac

    Connor Cormac - EMS APP

    @Jabbers I wasn't able to get in the past week because I have been moving my setup and computer into a new room with a new desk and getting everything setup. If it is still open i'd love to organize an interview.
  2. Connor Cormac

    Connor Cormac - EMS APP

    Apologies, I have updated the application to the required word count. Thank you for your response, Connor
  3. Connor Cormac

    Connor Cormac - EMS APP

    Name: Connor Cormac Age: 18 Timezone: AEST - (GMT/UTC + 10) How many hours a week can you dedicate to the KFD? 4 hours during weekdays. 6+ hours on weekends. Why would you like to join the Kamdan Fire Department? (100 words minimum) I would like to join the Kamdan Fire Department because I believe this is where the best role play situations, in my opinion, occur. I have 5k+ hours in Arma III (the only life i have is Arma life) and from cop-medic-civ, I've always loved playing as EMS, with a good group of people who communicate well and can create amazing role-play situations. I'd also love to experience what it's like to be EMS on this server and at the time I normally play there isn't many online; therefore hopefully I’ll be able to help out during those times because of my time zone. (in Australia) Been a medic will also allow me to progress within the server as I am fairly new to Kamdan, I’ll be able to develop a positive reputation for my name and for the KFD. It’ll also open myself up for more opportunities throughout the server and I’d love to be apart of the team and progress my way through the ranks. What are your previous experiences with being in a FD/EMS? Altis Life: EMS Intensive Care Paramedic (6th out of 10th level) Australia Life: EMS Chief (leader) Other modded servers: I've also led and been a part of numerous other EMS department. Along with this experience I have also been apart of numerous Police Departments, and have a lot of experience in just general and modded Arma Life; including piloting, driving and, of course, roleplay. What makes a good EMT in your opinion? In my opinion a good EMT is someone who is able to always maintain a role play situation and remain calm, professional and in character. EG: most people when they die are upset, a good EMT once reviving them would attempt to keep the role play between them and the player when they are revived. Along with this a good EMT always complies with police and follows procedures and the chain of command. You should also be prepared to complete any task or job no matter the situation or the amount of stress. However I do also believe that it’s just a game and not to take it that seriously and still know when to have a few laughs whilst maintaining a professional status. Communication in my opinion is also a valuable part of the EMT, knowing who is responding to what situation, communication between each other, but also communicating between yourself and other players and police. If you are able to correctly communicate I believe you can complete any task more effectively and efficiently no matter the occupation. Thanks for reading my application.
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