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    How old are you? 26 years old Steam Account Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198416397662/ Your Steam HEX/64 Code: 110000131da94cf Are you in the GTA Anzus Discord?: yes What is your Discord username: BVP#6851 What is your main style of RP? Homeless/biker Tell us about the character you will be and what makes him/her unique. Mikey was adopted at a young age and had both parents growing up. He really didn't need or want for much but had a very bad rebellious streak inside of him. The doctors called it oppositional defiant disorder. By the time he hit 9th grade he was already into some serious trouble with law enforcement. He was hanging around older people because he himself looked older and felt a bit outcast around people of his age. He was a little smarter than average as well and that helped and hurt him when he finally ended up in juvenile jail. He ended up having to serve close to 12 full months instead of the 9 he was sentenced to as he had not the best behavior and fought quite a bit. He found he had a violent streak in him as well. But he did get his GED while in there at the age of 16. Bad idea as when he got out it kept him from having to go back to school which of course meant it was not long before he was out and fucking up again. He landed back in jail again and spent quite a bit of time there this time around. He went in with an idea of how to be a criminal but came out with a doctorate in how to be a criminal and not get caught. He was been looking for a city to set down some roots with him wife and the rest of his family. That is when he found the BEMC by running into Hendo and the fucktard Smurf. Define Roleplay in your own words: Roleplaying in my book is kinda of a version of acting to the point you can never break character, as if you were living a second life. What RP experience do you have: i have about 2 years of experience with a motorcycle crew and being a homeless character. i've been a food vender and car wash owner strictly on fivem only. i think i only have about 3 hrs of arma III under my belt. Define Metagaming in your own words: Metagaming is where you use some sort of 3rd party software such as someones live stream, to see what they are doing; then using that informatino to your advantage over that player. Define KOS in your own words: KOS or Kill on sight, usually means that both parties have agreed to do little to no talking and always be ready to be attacked. Define RDM and VDM in your own words: RDM or Random death match is the act of someone doing harm to your character to the point of killing them wuthout any sort of RP leading up to the attack VDM or Vehicle death match is the act of someone using a vehicle as a weapon to inflict harm onto your character, such as running them over and not having any reason for doing so. If you have any videos or clips of you roleplaying, please link them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A3GehH7iDo&t=456s Post a link to our rules:https://www.anzus.life/topic/3943-server-rules/ Have you read our Rules, and do you understand our Rules?: yes Do you have any people in our GTA community that will recommend you?: no Do you understand that this is not GTA, we are a roleplay server and you must base your actions on real life?: yes Do you agree to pass ownership of any documents, scripts, textures or anything created in/or for the ANZUS RP community will be owned by us and not available to be used anywhere else?: yes Another individual walks up to you, armed, and demands you give over your keys and whatever money you have in your pocket. Their gun is aimed directly at you and you are unarmed. What would you do?: Comply with all of their orders and give them all of your money and keys as well; try to get a description of what they looked like and voice, atleast file a police report just in case they use your car for a bank robbery. Same scenario as above, only this time you are armed but do not have your gun drawn. i would still comply since they have the upper hand, i cant just randomly pull out a gun especially if they search me, althouhgh knifes i usually feel are fair game when it comes to hiding a weapon. Crossing the street, another individual plows through the intersection, running you over and causing you to be “downed”. They stop and come back to roleplay that they did in fact hit you. How would you proceed with the scenario?: i would act as if i was hurt and injured, as question why would they hurt an innocent person walking. not getting the cops involved tends to lead in getting free money from that player as settlment While standing around the garage with some friends. An individual walks up, says nothing, and shoots you before running off. What would you do?: personally i would not chase the man, i was just shot so i would start screaming and acting injured while my two buddies filed some sort of report and contact ems for medical help, this tends to happen more often at garages only. You have to go AFK in an active role playing situation, What do you say to the people around you?: usually i was always told to tell them hold on i need to thin about somethin g in my head really quick, or pull out your phone and say hold on i need to take this call.
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