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  1. Cole Snow

    Value life

    well, its 11PM for me and I have to go to bed as I have work in the morning tomorrow so I will check back tomorrow afternoon to see what other replys have been submitted to this topic
  2. Cole Snow

    Value life

    https://gyazo.com/0a53984da1cb42735247d7a8182f1209 and no I was never standing on driver side what???
  3. Cole Snow

    Value life

    @Johhny Appleseed no response so im not sure who the driver was my dude
  4. Cole Snow

    Value life

    I honestly can not remember, but I will ask in discord who it was and see if they tell me
  5. Cole Snow

    Value life

    as I said, I could not get out of the vehicle the server was taking a shit man.... and if u read everything I said, when I stopped lagging not a soul was watching me so I decide to make a quick action and pull my gun.... if u really want I can comp u whatever even though yall got reved
  6. Cole Snow

    Value life

    also when he seen me pull my gun he didn't flinch at all and try to shoot me neither did his friends hence why I pulled my gun has no one was watching me, if u watch closely u can tell not a person is watching me or keeping a gun on me or I would of died instantly so I feel I wasn't in the wrong by surviving this situation
  7. Cole Snow

    Value life

    and when they first walked over u can see me standing still trying to put my hands up, and you can also see me trying to look around testing my ping lag, I was saying to them im having troubles with the server but there is no voice audio in said videos
  8. Cole Snow

    Value life

    when the driver of our car took off I was trying to get out, but the server was lagging a lot and it would not let me get out, as u can see near the end it even was lagging so much the guy took a lot of shots to head, and when I ran off and pulled my gun the guy didn't have his gun on me, so I assumed I had time to pull my gun and kill the guy closest which I did because no one was watching me if they were I would have been killed instantly when moving, so it is their fault when I was out of vehicle not keeping an eye on me...…. and I don't have any video of the lag but u can see in the second video the guy lagging like crazy and in the video u cant hear me at all... but I was saying I cant get out im lagging like crazy ping is lagging and when I stopped lagging no one was watching me so I had time to pull my gun and kill all 4 of them, I personally don't see a problem with that if they were not watching me.... the first video I physically could not get out of the car... and I was not the driver I was spamming get out but could not get out.... and I don't have any video but I am downloading shadowplay as im typing this so next time iam lagging and no one is watching me I can prove it.... but if somone was watching me they could/would have shot me INSTANTLY when moving so that is a logical reason to pull your weapon out and kill all 4 of them
  9. In Game Name: Cole Snow Amount of Hours: 2670 Age (17 +): 19 Steam 64ID: 76561198142095832 Previous Gangs: Nostra, Delgado Money Balance: 240k Level (20 +): I can be within the day I have just came back to Anzus today but have been rolling around with the gang today Why do you want to join The Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate?: I want to join Di'pinto because I want a solid gang that can do majors and use coms effectively, and I want a group of people that are just fun to play with and joke around with
  10. Cole Snow

    10000 members giveaway!

  11. Cole Snow

    9000 Member giveaway!

  12. Cole Snow

    Player Report

    also, this was like 2 days ago so I deleted my video has I ran out of space on my hard drive so I have no video
  13. Cole Snow

    Player Report

    literally it was a different situation, I got revived then u guys showed up, they revived me because they thought they killed the last one of u and was told they reinitiated so it was then a different firefight.
  14. Cole Snow

    Cole Snow Comp request from hacker

    Name: Cole Snow Steam64ID: 76561198142095832 Date of Incident: 2019/07/31 Time of Incident (LA Time): 6:15 PM Atlantic Standard Amount your claiming: 250k for honey badger Description of situation: was trading weapons with friends and hacker teleported us and server shut down and we lost our weapons Evidence:
  15. Cole Snow

    Cole Delgado Comp Request

    Name: Cole Delgado Steam64ID: 76561198142095832 Date of Incident: 07/06/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): Amount your claiming: 100k Description of situation: me and my friends were having a 1v1 competition and we all suddenly went naked and I had a couple jack carbines on me Evidence:
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