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  1. Fucking normie doesn't even know about kekistan XD
  2. Accepted: Welcome aboard bro!
  3. Interview: Contact Myself, Nick Ice or Shawn Ice
  4. Accepted: Contact myself, Nick Ice or Shawn Ice
  5. Denied: You were in green Machines
  6. Interview - Contact myself or Nick Ice
  7. DENIED- Not Enough experience
  9. Interview - Contact myself or Nick Ice
  10. Joe Ice

    Gang Ally System

    +1 Maybe then I can get rid of our no allies policy.
  11. Joe Ice

    RDM Joe Ice {x2}

    Bro come on! They are the same gang!! We were in an active fire fight for like 15 min!!! I HEARD YOUR BOY TALKING TO YOU ON THE RADIO CALLING ME OUT ON THE TOWER! HOW TF IS THIS RDM!?!? PS: 4:34 you hear discord so he's meta gaming.
  12. Approved for an interview! Reach out to myself or Nick Ice.
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