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  1. Ethan Ward

    blacked out windows

    +1 😎
  2. Ethan Ward

    Jake Hassans EMT app

    +1 very good role player -Ethan Ward Advanced Paramedic
  3. Ethan Ward

    Player Report- Ethan Ward

    or i can give you comp after your ban if you want ill give you comp after your banned Maybe we can extend the case time untill your unbanned?
  4. Ethan Ward

    Player Report- Ethan Ward

    how long are you banned for ? i can get a admin put in your bank if you want ?
  5. Ethan Ward

    Player Report- Ethan Ward

    so what happened was, i got revived by a medic and about 40sec maybe fewer my gang got initated on saying his uniform, i am sorry i will happley comp you for ur gear and what you lost
  6. Ethan Ward

    Player Report- Ethan Ward

    yeah im sorry i can give comp i can come on game in the 2 hrs if u will be on then ??
  7. Ethan Ward


    add the hospital full heal thing to rebel
  8. Ethan Ward

    AKM COMP REQ - Under Review

    That would be great thanks i didnt realise sorry.
  9. Ethan Ward

    AKM COMP REQ - Under Review

    Name: Tim Pius Steam64ID:76561198170572741 Date of Incident: 29/06/19 Time of Incident (GMT):20:19 Amount your claiming:150k for the gun i think its the correct amount Description of situation:Me and my friend was outside of pd so i went to put my gun in my car, so i right clicked it into the car and decided i was wasnt going to put it in the car when to get it back and poof it vanished. Evidence:
  10. Ethan Ward

    FAil initiation.

    Name:Tim Pius Name of player you are reporting: 8294037992 and 8084833787 /shadow division dont know what there names were. Date of Incident: 27/06/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 15:44 BST Rule(s) Broken: Invalid initiation. Description of Incident: I was just driving along then i get desynced and get out to repair my car, then these to people (shadow division) come over to me and just says a bunch of nonsense not a language. So I finish repairing my car and start driving then just get shot at by a bot i think. Evidence:
  11. Ethan Ward

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

  12. Ethan Ward

    Comp req ruby run yikes server nuked

    Literally everyone on the server combat logged the admins at the time said it was ok
  13. Ethan Ward

    Comp req ruby run yikes server nuked

    Name:Tim Pius & Ethan Pead Steam64ID:76561198170572741 Date of Incident:19/06/2019 Time of Incident London time:2Am Amount your claiming:200k Description of situation: Me and my friend were doing a ruby run and we were processing 240rubys then the server got nuked cant save on shadow play as i alt f4d Evidence: Maybe you can look at the logs
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