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  1. Application Template: In Game Name: Digit Smith Hours in Arma: 2606 Steamid64: 76561198263781274 In Game Level: 23 Bank Balance: 35k Age: 22 How Active Are you: 3/7 days per week. 4 hours per day Region & Timezone: Mountain +6 What can u Bring to The Lex Family (50+ Words Minimum): i can bring a well rounded amount of knowledge to the gameplay, my cooperation with fellow gang members is highly important when conducting a working team play scenario. I know where the angels are. Throughout my playing experience i have played over a thousand hours in other roleplay servers. Where the other half have been on milsim servers Why Do U Wanna Join The Lex Family (50+ Words Minimum): I spend money faster than i make it so joining a gang that i can get cash faster is my goal. I am looking to be a part of a gang that i can learn exceptional teamwork in and having fun when the situation calls for it is my part of my goals. ive looked at some of the other gangs and i prefer to join the LEX family
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    Digit Smith - Comp Request

    Name: Digit Smith Steam64ID: 76561198263781274 Date of Incident: 09/10/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 9:30 pm Amount your claiming: 30k or the amount equivalent to the products: Earth Description of situation: i filled up my truck to find the processor was not able to be used before the restart Evidence:
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