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  1. Jimmy Calzone

    Jimmy Calzone Medic Application

    Okay thanks 😊
  2. Jimmy Calzone

    Jimmy Calzone Medic Application

    I think ill be able to make it on time ill bring my laptop
  3. Jimmy Calzone

    Jimmy Calzone Medic Application

    I am leaving for a short vacation today I get back Sunday ill try to complete in time
  4. Jimmy Calzone

    Jimmy Calzone Medic Application

    Name: Jimmy Calzone Age: 16 Steam 64UID: 76561198069461009 Timezone: est General Information How many hours a week can you dedicate the KMD? around 5 to 10 depending on how school is going Are you in the State Police and applying to be a volunteer Firefighter/EMT? No Why would you like to join the Kamdan Fire Department? (100 words minimum): I want to save lives! My alter ego does nothing but slay, so to repay the moral debt I want to bring people back to life. I also would love to experience a different form of role play that comes with being a medic. All I have experienced on this server is gang role play and that is starting to get stale. Becoming a ems would be a refreshing change of pace for me, and would be fun interacting with both police and citizens. Finally, I would like to learn some medical procedures so when off duty I can still save people. What are your previous experiences with being in a FD/EMS? (If any): I played medic on asylum for around 10 hours but there was no role play in that server so it got extremely boring also did a little medical training for a mil sim server but didn't follow through because of a lack of players What makes a good EMT in your opinion? (100 words minimum): A good EMT provides care to all people no matter race, beliefs, gang or group affiliation. An EMT should provide fast care to stabilize and save as many lives as possible whilst giving quality care. Managing resources is a key skill for an EMT to have. EMTs need to be able to handle intense and high-stress situations so the patient makes the best recovery possible. Being friendly is also a key ingredient to success as a medic. In conclusion, medics should provide quality care to everyone, be able to move quickly to minimize losses and be able to stay positive when a situation might be dull. Anything that you would like to add?: chest compression save lives Also my medic character will be named Karl Ramirez if accepted
  5. Jimmy Calzone

    Jimmy Calzone Staff Application

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Personal Details In-game name: Jimmy Calzone Age: 15 but 16 tomorrow 08/07/2019 Steam 64 ID: 76561198069461009 Timezone/Region: Est ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Questionnaire How long have you been apart of the ANZUSGaming community?: I have been apart of the community since June 11 2019, but have really started playing frequently a few days ago. Have you ever been banned? (for whatever reason): I have never been banned or issued points What is your motivation for applying for a support position within ANZUS? (75 words minimum): Now that I am consistently on the server I think it would be really fun to get more involved in the community. I also love helping people and making the game as enjoyable as I can for players. In addition, this community has a wonderful staff team that I would love to be a part of. What skills can you bring to the team? (50 words minimum): I have completed 2 ap computer science courses which have taught me how to logically and efficiently deduce problems. I also have lots of experience setting up arma servers. They never went any where due to the lack of population, but learned a lot in the processes( texture development, script editing, map editing, organization). I also love being apart of communities and will be dedicated to the role. Do you have any experience elsewhere in a position of power over a community?: As stated previously running arma servers also I have been in a "position of power" in a lot of groups To list a few - co owner of a group called fng (while ago) - admin in vac (a group) - owner of pizza party (a group I own with a few friends and ex arma gang)
  6. Jimmy Calzone

    Player Report

    Name: Jimmy Calzone Name of player you are reporting: Ts name crazed sparrow ingame name steven corvo Date of Incident: 08/5/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time):around 1pm est so like 11am LA time Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) combat logging Description of Incident: I killed him and he instantly logged Evidence: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1825968031 Have you already been to support about this incident: Yes he got in trouble for saying racist things to me but he wouldn't talk so i was told to post the combat log report on forums If so what was the result of the support case: 30 points for community guide lines breach and report on forums for combat log
  7. Jimmy Calzone

    9000 Member giveaway!

    310 please Doug I need this in my life
  8. Jimmy Calzone

    F key doesn't work for interacting

    Thx 😀
  9. Jimmy Calzone

    F key doesn't work for interacting

    I have also reset my setting and went to tech support but they were not able to help me
  10. Jimmy Calzone

    F key doesn't work for interacting

  11. Jimmy Calzone

    F key doesn't work for interacting

    Name: Brody In-Game Name: Jimmy Calzone Steam 64 ID: 76561198069461009 What is your issue in relation to the Server/TeamSpeak (Describe it in as much detail as you can): So when I press my f key nothing happens. I cant mine or interact using it. Do you have any photos/videos of this: NA
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