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Dylan Rodgers

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  1. Dylan Rodgers

    [Community Vote] Wipe?

    @Ryan Fiddles All wipes are inevitable, the discussion is not if we wipe it is when.
  2. Dylan Rodgers

    Server Rules

    Rules updated 9/5/2020 @ 8:15AM GMT Changed: 3.5 - Removed "Police cannot attempt to S1 a vehicle significantly larger than their vehicle, it is Fail RP (ex. S1ing a large truck with a standard police vehicle) (Stops cops unrealistically S1ing a truck which weighs 10x more than their car)" from 3.5 and became 2.46 Added: 2.7 - You may not return to an the same situation you already died in regardless of the time or location. 2.42 - Spamming the elevator doors at fort knox is classed as FailRP, Once the door close you must wait at least 10 seconds before calling it again. 2.43 - You may not rob/harm or prevent medics from doing their job. If a medic is combat reviving and they have been given a warning about it and continue to combat revive them may be given warning shots then shot if they continue to combat revive. 2.44 - You may not change your clothing durring a active situation in order to avoid or escape RP. 2.45 - DOJ is to be considered "Strict RP" while court is in session, Soon to commence, or just concluded. This means that you must have a GREAT RP reason to initiate or interfere with it. 2.46 - You cannot attempt to S1 a vehicle significantly larger than your own vehicle, it is Fail RP (ex. S1ing a large truck with a standard police vehicle) 3.15 - Initiation must be made in person NOT over the phone or via text. (Maritime Freq/Air Freq SO/USCG initiation is the exception to this rule.) 3.16 - If no consequence is given during an initiation and the party that was initiated on shoots the party initiating it is not classed as RDM as long as the initiating party had a visible weapon and intended to do harm with it. 3.17 - Spike stripping a vehicle creates one way initiation (Vehicle is initiated on the person that spiked them). 5.12 - Faction and civ names must be unique from each other with more than only a few letters difference. (Eg. Dylan Rodgers & Dylon Rodgers is not acceptable). 7.13 - You may not initiate on or interfere with police/CG that are staging for a major crime. This includes but not limited to, Robbing, Killing, Trolling, etc. 7.14 - If you state you are using class 1 for a major you must use this for the entirety of the major, E.g you cannot say you are using a class 1 and then half way through pull out a class 3.
  3. 1569 (I like trucks )
  4. Dylan Rodgers

    One Issue - One Solution

    The issue: Currently the sever feel like a race to who can do the most runs and get the most money, there are few gangs that are willing to do majors, get into gunfights with police, etc. I get this is a RP server however arma has no room for a super serious RP server anymore many want more combat focused, major crime focused etc. My Solution: there needs to be a system to shy away from doing constant runs to make money such as a dynamic market where the more of something that is sold the lower the price etc. majors that are more appealing to both sides, etc.
  5. Well I know where the one on the right is.
  6. Awesome work, Thanks for all the hard work everyone!
  7. HMMMM, when you misspell the name of your own map...
  8. Dylan Rodgers

    Kamdan Life 2.0.7 [New Major, Map changes]

    Ooh, Nice house doug. Looking good
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