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    -1 All above reason started And also negotiations are generally fallowed by police if it is done peacefully and negotiations are not called off right after made. Also if you are upset because the negotiations do not go your way or the end result is not ideal, the whole point of negotiations for Civs is to get out of a situation or give yourself even more of an advantage in defending. Obviously there are things that cops are never going to agree to and if the moment some hostile negotiations are called off by Civs just after getting a hostage then why would they honor some outrageous demands. And your point regarding drones to find externals, news flash for you there are about 12 people max that can even use drones, for the past few weeks most of those slots have either been empty or those in the have not been so active so to say that this is suddenly an issue when there have been nearly no drones as of the past weeks is just you fishing for something to add to your post. BTW if Civs has the ability to KOS regardless of hostages then so would cops and needless to say that would end worse for Civs than it would cops overall.
  2. Dylan Rodgers

    Dylan Rodgers - Staff Application

    Personal Details In-game name: Gary Rodgers (Civ) Dylan Rodgers (Cop) Age: 20 (29/06/1999) Steam 64 ID: 76561198142021590 Timezone/Region: US CST ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Questionnaire How long have you been apart of the ANZUSGaming community?: Around 3months Have you ever been banned? (for whatever reason): No What is your motivation for applying for a support position within ANZUS? (75 words minimum): though my time here at anzus specifically has been shorter than what some have when applying for this position my experience (Which I will talk about in the appropriate question) I feel as though heavily outweighs this and I believe that with my experience I would be able to assist in making sure that not only the time people are waiting for support is down but the workload on support members is down so there is more of a balance. There are often times that I see when the number of support agents online is lacking and I do believe that I would be able to fill in those times. Additionally in general being able to help people out when they are having issues or just in general have questions is something that I enjoy doing and almost anywhere I go even in my real life I am always trying to offer my help and services. What skills can you bring to the team? (50 words minimum): Well like I spoke about above and will cover in more detail below my experience is one of the biggest things I have to bring, not only my experience as SLT on arma communities and other ranks but also very high positions that are under contract will communities with literally 250,000+ registered members and over 500+ staff. The experience and knowledge of the roles and duties of staff and support members as well as the importance of being patient with people and understanding of their issues and how they are effected by a situation but also be able to keep personal emotion separate from professional judgement. Do you have any experience elsewhere in a position of power over a community?: OH YEAH USG/RLG (Unstoppable gaming) Spent roughly a year in the staff team, Arma 3 community that at its time was one of the largest. Mainly known for its Taki Servers with streamers like Lewis or PsiPyn playing on it which is where much of his taki content game from. At its peak had 3 servers that were filling up. In addition to this I also ran their technical support team for quite some time. Staff Head Administrator Staff Senior Administrator Staff Administrator Staff Moderator Staff Trial Mod Other Arma 3 Servers: I spent some time after resigning from the position of HA from USG hopping between starting communities trying to help out before moving on to my next location which is Icefuse. Icefuse Networks: Mainly known for Gmod and Rust servers however rapidly expanding. Has currently over 250K Registered members and 500+ staff members. and no this is not a stretch. Go check their steam group, TS, forums, Discord, Etc. I have been with Icefuse network for roughly 2 years now as staff/executive. Working all the way up to the effectively 3rd highest rank in the company and yes it is an official licensed company. My role has extreme power attached with it. I have the full trust of the business owner and 2nd in charge. the DOI roll is to manage, develop, and administrate the Forums/Website, Teamspeak, and Discord servers (All like nearly 100 of them). This position come with the signing of a legally binding contract. On top of this I have been tasked with development on several of the servers, I have worked on updates for all 6 of the current servers as well as 2 upcoming server I worked along side the company owner to develop. On top of this like every child I was tasked with the full development of their minecraft project that I worked on alone with oversight from the company owner and occasional assistance with small projects from a select few people as well as some other developmental rolls that are not apart of my official roll. The positions I held are listed below. - Icefuse Director of Infrastructure - Icefuse Infrastructure Supervisor - Icefuse Advisor - Icefuse Teamspeak Administrator - Icefuse Senior Forum Moderator - Icefuse Clone Wars Head Administrator - Icefuse Teamspeak Moderator - Icefuse Forum Moderator - Icefuse Clone Wars Elite Administrator - Icefuse Clone Wars Administrator - Icefuse Clone Wars Senior Moderator - Icefuse Clone Wars Moderator - Icefuse Clone Wars Trial Moderator - Icefuse Military Senior Moderator - Icefuse Military Moderator - Icefuse Military Trial Moderator - Other Misc Positions I have held at Icefuse Networks: Game Master Officer, Staff Mentor, Staff Recruitment team, Support team Manager (and everything below it), teamspeak & forum moderator and the ranks above those, and many others.
  3. Dylan Rodgers

    Coast guard ( New department for PD)

    Reason 1 why this suggestion can not be taken seriously... -1 seems to have no idea what the coast guard actually is or does not seem to understand how the coast guard would not fall under the jurisdiction of a local PD.
  4. Dylan Rodgers

    Gary Rodgers - Comp Request

    I am still awaiting someone to actually process the money since wyrus was involved he said he can not give the money.
  5. Dylan Rodgers

    Gary Rodgers - Comp Request

    The video near the end shows us leaving after winning, Near the time when one of then says "where is my g-waggon" or somthing that is us running out of the fed and if you listen to the radio around that time is us talking about killing the last cops which is also shown through the chat logs for people being killed etc.
  6. Dylan Rodgers

    Gary Rodgers - Comp Request

    Name: Gary/Dylan Rodgers Steam64ID: 76561198142021590 Date of Incident: 9/23/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 7:49 PM EST Amount your claiming: 2.3 Million Description of situation: We did a fed robbery and shortly after placing the drill the player that placed it was kicked by battle eye which caused the drill to break not opening the door or allowing us to place a new one effectively removing our ability to get any gold etc. I believe it was gallo who was there with us and told us that if we won the fed we would have to post a comp request and get the money that way. Doug was also at the fed however I am not sure if he was aware of the vault being broken or not. Evidence: |
  7. Dylan Rodgers

    Gary Rodgers - Teamspeak issues

    Name: Dylan Niermann In-Game Name: Gary Rodgers Steam 64 ID: 76561198142021590 | TS UID: t1nz9VuVH15XdOoMTsKu9GYFIx0= What is your issue in relation to the Server/TeamSpeak (Describe it in as much detail as you can): Teamspeak - The permissions on the server groups are very messed up, For example as a EMS Advanced Paramedic you are able to give out groups like staff radio, See staff, and others. As a EMS CPT it gets much worse (https://gyazo.com/8fa15319f352fe9e91943b89979e03bc). Additionally groups like EMS CPT should have a small amount of move power so that they can more people that are waiting for command or interviews into a channel to help them (Same goes for FTO/HR groups and police groups if they can not). Channels are all set to inherent fax family permissions which means that as a EMS CPT I can not join some EMS channels like LT and CPT channels and unless you are a LT you can not join any channels other than the break roomd and waiting rooms however even joining the waiting rooms is pointless as a command member (LT or CPT, FTO, and HR) can not move them into a channel to help them and they can not join the channel and help them because they can not give talk power so they have to have the person join a public channel or the break room etc. These are all very easy fixes, if you have questions about it feel free to contact me for assistance as I do this for a community callled icefuse networks with 250,000 people and a 750 slot TS that almost always has 500+ and 650+ on weekends and have years of experience working on teamspeak servers. Thanks! Do you have any photos/videos of this: https://gyazo.com/8fa15319f352fe9e91943b89979e03bc, https://gyazo.com/4068e66922ad5611e9d3494b7db30824, https://gyazo.com/93a98920b8a9ec9ee1d079a807825e2e, https://gyazo.com/b6dc771f16bd1457ec05a460e063b60d, https://gyazo.com/11295b71fc06a722cf40c155e2a857c0
  8. Dylan Rodgers

    Basic Training- James Arthur

  9. Dylan Rodgers

    Ricardo Diaz - Basic Training

  10. Dylan Rodgers

    Ricardo Diaz - Basic Training

    FTO Name: Dylan Rodgers FTO Rank: Advance Captain Date of Training: 07/03/2019 Trainee's Name: Ricardo Diaz Trainee's Badge Number: P18 Training Name:Basic Training Results: Basic Knowledge - 8/10 Situational Awareness - 8/10 Radio Ability - 7/10 Examination Results - 19/19 Overall score - 42/49 Passed
  11. Dylan Rodgers

    Jimbo Moneymaker transfer request

    On Hold, I believe volunteer apps are currently on hold. Please remain patient as more will be opening soon.
  12. Dylan Rodgers

    Jabbers Macdonald LOA

    Processed by HR
  13. Dylan Rodgers

    Promotion Report - Caleb Biggs

  14. Dylan Rodgers

    Promotion Report - Caleb Biggs

    Your Name: Dylan NiermannYour Badge: 110Your Department: Human ResourcesYour Rank: LieutenantTheir Name: Caleb BiggsTheir Rank: BasicTheir New Rank: IntTheir Badge Number: 110Reason: near TIG and has done amazing work as basic as well as personel reccomendations from police LT. Approved by: Lewis Craven
  15. Dylan Rodgers

    EMS Application - Ben Javier

    Hired/Interview Complete Dear @Ben Javier I am glad to inform you that you have been hired for Kamdan Medical and Fire Department Date of Interview Completion: 27/06/2019 Yours, sincerely Dylan Niermann Field Commander Search and Rescue
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