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  1. The suggestion is that when CID get an illegal location by interrogating them make it so that only CID, SWAT, Sheriff, and Command have the ability to see it on the map. Currently there have been several cases of patrol "casually" driving by a location because they know it is there and they see a gun so they stop the people or search vehicles etc. There is not really a reason for then to need to know what locations CID have and it will hopefully stop people from checking them when they should not be there in the first place and would allow more people to get through with their runs without patrol or DOC stopping them.
  2. Gary Rodgers

    Gary Rodgers - Comp Request

    I am still awaiting someone to actually process the money since wyrus was involved he said he can not give the money.
  3. Gary Rodgers

    Gary Rodgers - Comp Request

    The video near the end shows us leaving after winning, Near the time when one of then says "where is my g-waggon" or somthing that is us running out of the fed and if you listen to the radio around that time is us talking about killing the last cops which is also shown through the chat logs for people being killed etc.
  4. Gary Rodgers

    Gary Rodgers - Comp Request

    Name: Gary/Dylan Rodgers Steam64ID: 76561198142021590 Date of Incident: 9/23/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 7:49 PM EST Amount your claiming: 2.3 Million Description of situation: We did a fed robbery and shortly after placing the drill the player that placed it was kicked by battle eye which caused the drill to break not opening the door or allowing us to place a new one effectively removing our ability to get any gold etc. I believe it was gallo who was there with us and told us that if we won the fed we would have to post a comp request and get the money that way. Doug was also at the fed however I am not sure if he was aware of the vault being broken or not. Evidence: |
  5. Gary Rodgers

    Gary Rodgers - Teamspeak issues

    Name: Dylan Niermann In-Game Name: Gary Rodgers Steam 64 ID: 76561198142021590 | TS UID: t1nz9VuVH15XdOoMTsKu9GYFIx0= What is your issue in relation to the Server/TeamSpeak (Describe it in as much detail as you can): Teamspeak - The permissions on the server groups are very messed up, For example as a EMS Advanced Paramedic you are able to give out groups like staff radio, See staff, and others. As a EMS CPT it gets much worse (https://gyazo.com/8fa15319f352fe9e91943b89979e03bc). Additionally groups like EMS CPT should have a small amount of move power so that they can more people that are waiting for command or interviews into a channel to help them (Same goes for FTO/HR groups and police groups if they can not). Channels are all set to inherent fax family permissions which means that as a EMS CPT I can not join some EMS channels like LT and CPT channels and unless you are a LT you can not join any channels other than the break roomd and waiting rooms however even joining the waiting rooms is pointless as a command member (LT or CPT, FTO, and HR) can not move them into a channel to help them and they can not join the channel and help them because they can not give talk power so they have to have the person join a public channel or the break room etc. These are all very easy fixes, if you have questions about it feel free to contact me for assistance as I do this for a community callled icefuse networks with 250,000 people and a 750 slot TS that almost always has 500+ and 650+ on weekends and have years of experience working on teamspeak servers. Thanks! Do you have any photos/videos of this: https://gyazo.com/8fa15319f352fe9e91943b89979e03bc, https://gyazo.com/4068e66922ad5611e9d3494b7db30824, https://gyazo.com/93a98920b8a9ec9ee1d079a807825e2e, https://gyazo.com/b6dc771f16bd1457ec05a460e063b60d, https://gyazo.com/11295b71fc06a722cf40c155e2a857c0
  6. Gary Rodgers

    Basic Training- James Arthur

  7. Gary Rodgers

    Ricardo Diaz - Basic Training

  8. Gary Rodgers

    Ricardo Diaz - Basic Training

    FTO Name: Dylan Rodgers FTO Rank: Advance Captain Date of Training: 07/03/2019 Trainee's Name: Ricardo Diaz Trainee's Badge Number: P18 Training Name:Basic Training Results: Basic Knowledge - 8/10 Situational Awareness - 8/10 Radio Ability - 7/10 Examination Results - 19/19 Overall score - 42/49 Passed
  9. Gary Rodgers

    Jimbo Moneymaker transfer request

    On Hold, I believe volunteer apps are currently on hold. Please remain patient as more will be opening soon.
  10. Gary Rodgers

    Jabbers Macdonald LOA

    Processed by HR
  11. Gary Rodgers

    Promotion Report - Caleb Biggs

  12. Your Name: Dylan NiermannYour Badge: 110Your Department: Human ResourcesYour Rank: LieutenantTheir Name: Caleb BiggsTheir Rank: BasicTheir New Rank: IntTheir Badge Number: 110Reason: near TIG and has done amazing work as basic as well as personel reccomendations from police LT. Approved by: Lewis Craven
  13. Gary Rodgers

    EMS Application - Ben Javier

    Hired/Interview Complete Dear @Ben Javier I am glad to inform you that you have been hired for Kamdan Medical and Fire Department Date of Interview Completion: 27/06/2019 Yours, sincerely Dylan Niermann Field Commander Search and Rescue
  14. Gary Rodgers

    Basic Training - Austin Pone

  15. Gary Rodgers

    Basic Training - Austin Pone

    FTO Name: Dylan NiermannFTO Rank: Advanced ParamedicDate of Training: 26/06/2019Trainee's Name: Austin PoneTrainee's Badge Number: P10Training Name: BasicResults: Basic Knowledge - 10/10 Situational Awareness - 10/10 Radio Ability - 9/10 Examination Results - 19/19 (BASIC EXAM) Overall score - 48/49 Passed
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