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  1. Jack Twitch

    Kamdan National Bank

    @Jonas Hindel Your statement about Di'Pinto having "numbers" is incorrect, the amount of people we've kicked is ridiculous, yet denied a lot, we use to have about 10 - 15 people on daily, those days have gone, we now usually 5-6 People on, it's not our numbers it's our skill, if you watched the video that was posted in AnzusGaming Discord it shows 2 of us pushing out and killing 3 of you guys at Kamdan National Bank, to add we do win some of our majors but not many, the boosting that is now starting to happen at Winchester is lowering our chances of winning, don't come to the forums crying about how we apparently have "numbers" to win when we did a 5v14 kamdan and didn't lose a single member especially when we had to push out. To add if you guys were smart, you would make a plan to push at the very start from both roof and front doors, instead of letting us pick cops off as we go.
  2. Jack Twitch

    Kamdan National Bank

    dipinto to gud
  3. Jack Twitch


    2.3mil split around 8 people btw
  4. Jack Twitch

    Numbers of externals during major crime

  5. Jack Twitch

    Gang Bank

  6. Jack Twitch

    Cant start a major when you have more people than cops

    ur second one there buddy, paul phantom was afk for 2 hours and comes back with a riot shield they gear up and will respond it's not a matter of they won't
  7. Jack Twitch

    Cant start a major when you have more people than cops

    Di'Pinto did a fed 12v28 not about numbers
  8. Jack Twitch

    Luke's KSP Application

    yeah accept him he is toxic and pretends to be gangster but overall a bot! +1
  9. Jack Twitch

    Looking for 4 more official gangs for Kamdan Life

    Di’Pinto Crime Syndicate Gang Name: Di’Pinto Crime Syndicate Gang Leader: Jack Di’Pinto Gang Leader Discord: Jack Di’Pinto#4315 Do you have a Uniform available? Yes Gang Roster: Click Here
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