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  1. Diego Sullivan

    Diego Sullivan player report

    Rob you? i didn't rob you...?! i got you revived and i tried being cool with you but you just dont accept apologizes like i expect a 20 year old to do and no one was bullying you.. seriously? you're 20 older than me you just cant take a joke. 1- You spit on me 2- You annoyed us and wouldn't go away 3- I tased you but somehow you died which shouldnt happen, not entirely my fault since arma shit the bed right there. 4- I got you revived and i left dont start lying at this point. 5- You also broke a rule saying "this is a greenzone, this is a greenzone" 6- You also shit talked me in a greenzone thats why i tased you to teach you a lesson i my intention was for you to flop to the floor not die.
  2. Diego Sullivan

    Diego Sullivan player report

    i told the medic to revive you, i didnt want to kill you i just wanted to tase you as a meme but i really am confused as to why the tase killed you.... i thought we were just having some friendly banter.
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