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  1. In-Game Name: Jason Alpha Steam 64 ID: 76561197995133045 Forum Profile: https://www.anzus.life/profile/6707-jason-frag/ Hours in Arma: 2357 Why would you like to join the Schneiders (50 Word Minimum): I would like to join the Schnieders because I was in the old Schnieder, and I have been in multiple gangs with Johnny Appleseed, and Matao Stoner, and Robert Lewis. I have seen that this one actually does majors and isn't completely dead. I would like to join because I need a gang to roll with and I aint trying to join no gang with some stupid leaders. How would we benefit from you joining (50 Word Minimum): I am a good fragger, I can roleplay, negotiate, and I have good communications. I have experience with you fellas and I know how you work. I think that because we all know eachother there could be some really good team chemistry. I also am finacially stable, and I can pull my own weight. References (Not required): Tao Notes: I can roleplay.
  2. Jason Frag

    Do Not Disturb Gang Recruitment (Official)

    In game Name: Jason Frag Discord Name (ex. Nick#2452): frosty#7818 Hours in Arma 3: 2276 Region & Timezones: CST Steam 64 ID: Age: 16 Are you currently Police or EMS: Police Why would you want to join DND: Kenny is a cool guy, and I think they are pretty cool, I wanna be apart of their gang What skills do you do you have that will be helpful to us: I can shoot people, I am a cop so I can make money, and I have good reolplea ❤️
  3. Jason Frag

    [Required] Arma 3 1.94 Downgrade Guide

    Thanks mate!
  4. Jason Frag

    a rebel state island

  5. In Game Name: Jason Frag Amount of Hours: 2146 Age: 15 Steam ID: 76561197995133045 Previous Gangs: Schnieder, Kamdan Space Program Balance: $165,000 Level: 24 Why do you want to join The Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate? I know a few people who are in The Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate and I really enjoy hanging out with those said people. I also really like to do the same activities that Di'Pinto do.
  6. Name: Bazzy Smith Age: 14 Timezone: CST Why would you like to join Shadow Division: I have seen what they do and I really like how they operate. They have good fundementals, and teamwork. They have nice fraggers and can fend for them selves. My favorite part is that they can carry their own weight. What could you bring to Shadow Division: I have good combat, with 1900 hours in arma. I have good gamesense, leadership skills, teamwork, and overall I am a well rounded player. I know what I am doing and I can help out a lot. Hours on Arma (1000+) (If you can frag this may be bypassed but be ready to prove it): 1930 Have you read and understand the rules of the server: Yes. Steam profile & Steam 64: http://steamcommunity.com/id/jasonisabeast45 76561197995133045 Discord name: lil nazz#1762
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