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Jason Marlito

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  1. Jason Marlito


    oh fuck off vespyr with basically this whole thing being a sniping tage fuck off please nobody wants to see you shoot civs from 400m away with a .50 cal and AMS while we have FN30-11 with shitty scopes
  2. Jason Marlito

    [Community Vote] Wipe?

    @Doug Jumper Can we do a purge event like the last hour of kamdan or something because we are losing everything, like 20m to everyones bank for the last day or so for some fun before we lose everything
  3. Jason Marlito

    Kings County 3.0.4 Changelog

    even bigger YAY
  4. Jason Marlito

    Where we are at with 3.0

    Hey, atleast you are taking your time with 3.0 and not releasing some dogshit update
  5. Jason Marlito

    New punishment guidelines leading upto 3.0

    uhhh I have 45 points already does this mean I am getting banend
  6. Jason Marlito

    Name your own road/location on the new map!

    Jason Macks Lane
  7. Jason Marlito

    Some things you need to know leading up to 3.0

    I cannot believe that I really got Rick Rolled by @Ram Yanoodle , upsetting.
  8. Jason Marlito

    [Required] Arma 3 1.94 Downgrade Guide

    Thanks mate!
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