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Taylor Black

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  1. Taylor Black


    Dude dusty roads crossplay with anzus pog
  2. Taylor Black

    [SERVER EVENT] Next 4 weeks schedule

    Big ego
  3. Taylor Black

    New Policies and Rule Sets [Majors, ACU and more]

    Isnt this going to be Bad on Tech lab because they are just gonna stall it to the end and this would make it hard for us cops to win , because they if they stall it for long enough they already one considering it goes to their bank account .
  4. Taylor Black

    New Policies and Rule Sets [Majors, ACU and more]

    Considering it the old style Major crime . Does this mean They now have to tell you if they have an external or no?
  5. Wait How do we execute People now
  6. Taylor Black

    One Issue - One Solution

    The Issue : Too much role playing, and people playing to passive in combat My solution: I reckon if we have 100 xp per Kill
  7. Taylor Black

    Submit your best clips from 2019!

    0.50 1.00 1.20 1.30
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