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Taylor Long

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  1. Taylor Long

    Taylor Long - Payment Request

    Welcome to the payment request template, here you can request to withdraw funds from the Government Reserves. Your Name: Taylor Long Your Position/Rank: ABI senior Trooper Money Recipient: Taylor Long Agency/Department/Company filing on behalf of: : Bar Association Amount requested: 100k Reason for withdraw: Bar exam Do you confirm you are authorised on behalf of the agency or department you are filing for to request such funds: YES Do you understand that misuse of funds is a criminal offense and you will be prosecuted if found doing so: YES Authorized by: @Edward Once submitted, the Commissioner of Revenue will review this request.
  2. Taylor Long

    Taylor Long

    Your Name: Taylor LONG Role Requested: ABIProof of Role (I.E, Roster, Bar Admission Announcement, ETC): https://gyazo.com/728165ba2d7658d1d34ffdec20387aed
  3. Now this is roleplay
  4. Taylor Long

    Events, Purge, 4.0 and a few other things

    Woooooo purge mf are getting executed again
  5. Taylor Long

    Events discussion

    Huge +1 , Let us Go wildin
  6. Taylor Long

    Events discussion

    3.0 Purge was like The last HR restart , Thats when the Kos started i think , for the first week we could do Last hr is kos on anyone , and last 3 days towards 4.0 we could make it Pure kos
  7. Taylor Long

    Events discussion

    In 2.0 We had Terroist Vs The whole Server I say we do that event Again . And maybe 1 more tiny Update before Purge call it Purge update , Add suicide Vest ETC ETC
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