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  1. DonovanSpeeds

    Donovan Speeds Staff Application

    In Game Name: Donovan Speeds Age: 19 Years Of Age Steam ID: 76561198092449440 Time Zone: GMT +1 Region: Netherlands Amsterdam, How Long have you been apart of the Anzus Gaming Community?: I have been nearly for 2 weeks, But have played on Dougs Altis Server. Have you ever been banned?: No i have never been banned neither have i received points. What is your motivation for applying to the Anzus Gaming Staff Team?: My Motivation is that i really want to help this awesome community out it has been growing since i joined and i think a little help from an extra staff member will be very helpfull, As well i have been a staff member on different communities before and had different roles, i like to be busy with cases and to help players with their issues and have them leave when they are all ready again and the issues are fixed. I want to work my way up and become an administrator here at Anzus Gaming. What Skills can you bring to the staff team?: I can bring a very dedicated support team member, I have a lot of free time and passion i can put into this staff team, I will put several of my skills below: Profesional I can remain calm in some stressful situations I can write and speak english perfect. Always Serious i have a lot of free time which i can dedicate to the staff cases Also i am a very experienced staff member i have been on many different communities, which includes: EVO-ALRP-USG. I am very serious very friendly and also very strict Thank you for reading my application i will be honnoured to hear back from you Kind Regards Donovan Spee
  2. DonovanSpeeds

    Jack Knight - Volunteer Application

    Hired Dear @Jack Knight I am delighted to inform you that you have been hired for the KMD as a Volunteer EMS
  3. DonovanSpeeds

    Discharge Request Donovan Speeds

  4. DonovanSpeeds

    Discharge Request Donovan Speeds

    Name: Donovan Speeds Rank: Advanced Paramedic Badge: Number: 338 Current Department: First Responders Reason?: I Dont enjoy being a KMD member no more i love the new rank change and the new handbook and it might actuall make a change but i dont want to wait, i had to deal with inactive department command and i dont get appreciated. i know it sucks im not gonna join PD or a gang just gonna chill, no enemy with no one thanks to @Matt Andersonto be my good friend in these times, @Joseph Robthanks for the input. @Lewis CravenYou are a great guy too it was nice peace out boys! 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪
  5. DonovanSpeeds

    Kamdan Medical Department Application

    Thanks for getting it done @Matt Anderson
  6. DonovanSpeeds

    Jack Krays - Search and Rescue transfer

    Force Transfered by HR, Please note to take the S&R Trainings before doing anything S&R Related @Jack Kray
  7. DonovanSpeeds

    John Roberts Transfer

    Processed By Human Resources. Badge number stays the same, John roberts is now in S&R
  8. DonovanSpeeds

    John Roberts Transfer

    Will be Force Transfered To S&R
  9. DonovanSpeeds

    John Roberts Transfer

    @Kerry ElliottPlease respond within 24 hours!
  10. DonovanSpeeds

    John Roberts Promo Report

    @Kerry ElliottAlready Processed by Kerry Thread Closed
  11. DonovanSpeeds

    Promotion/Demotion Request Template

    @Lewis Craven@Joseph Rob Could you please sticky this thread and lock it? Makes it a lot easier for us HR then looking at discord and doing it trough there!
  12. DonovanSpeeds

    Promotion/Demotion Request Template

    Your Name: Your Badge: Your Department: Your Current Rank: Rank Requested: Reason?:
  13. DonovanSpeeds

    John Roberts Transfer

    @Kerry Elliottyou have approved correct? @Samio Garrettoplease respond within 48 Hours or this will become a force transfer.
  14. DonovanSpeeds

    Transfer Request Jonas Gerhard

    @Ben DuboisCan you proces this please, I cant currently at work
  15. DonovanSpeeds

    Transfer Request Jonas Gerhard

    @Kerry ElliottIs This approved by S&R?
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