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  1. Mitch Thompson

    Dyna - Staff App

    +1 So the Moderator named Slaze gets an email and then approves it.
  2. Mitch Thompson

    ANZUSGaming CQC

  3. Mitch Thompson

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

  4. Mitch Thompson


    Bring back crafting of Guns, Helis, Planes, Boats, Bring back LMG crafting aswell as bring back the old mines Ill help with how to make them if you want Cheers Mitch Thompson
  5. Mitch Thompson

    Report Against James & Sterl Hatfield

    Name: Mitch Thompson Name of player you are reporting: Sterl Hatfield James Hatfield Date of Incident: 24/04/2019 Time of Incident: Roughly 9pm AEST Rule(s) Broken: ((8.1 Failure To Announce External) Rule Break By Sterl Hatfield) ((4.1 RDM x 3) Rule Break By James Hatfield) Description of Incident: Arrived on scene to Gas Station Robbery, Started Negotiations wit Mr. Sterl and asked if there were any personnel outside that he needed to notify us of, 3 minutes later negotiations were called off and thats when Mr James came by about 40 seconds after Negotiations were called off and killed myself and two other officers. Evidence:
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