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  1. Mitch Thompson

    Dyna - Staff App

    +1 So the Moderator named Slaze gets an email and then approves it.
  2. Mitch Thompson

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

  3. Mitch Thompson

    Report Against James & Sterl Hatfield

    Name: Mitch Thompson Name of player you are reporting: Sterl Hatfield James Hatfield Date of Incident: 24/04/2019 Time of Incident: Roughly 9pm AEST Rule(s) Broken: ((8.1 Failure To Announce External) Rule Break By Sterl Hatfield) ((4.1 RDM x 3) Rule Break By James Hatfield) Description of Incident: Arrived on scene to Gas Station Robbery, Started Negotiations wit Mr. Sterl and asked if there were any personnel outside that he needed to notify us of, 3 minutes later negotiations were called off and thats when Mr James came by about 40 seconds after Negotiations were called off and killed myself and two other officers. Evidence:
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