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    Player Report | Marcus Hansen

    Name: Marcus Hansen Name of player you are reporting: Tyson Dawg Date of Incident: 09/07/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 10:00 AM Rule(s) Broken: 10.3 Description of Incident: I were driving thirds my friend, who just came on the server. He told me over radio that someone is following him, So I guessed I would come over their, because it seemed like he were about to initiate on him. So when I meet them around half away I turned around because we drove past eatch other, this is when I tried to get my colt out of my backpack, and to try to protect us. But as soon as I jumped out of my vehicle I got ran over by Tyson, he started saying that, that weren't his intention and jumped out of the vehicle, Idk if my friend pulled a gun, but it didn't look like that when he died. And started shooting at my friend. As soon as I were ready to stand up again, I tried to pull my gun this is when he knocked me out and decided he would kidnap me to an other place outside of Kamdan, Where he then stole all of my belongings and let me go on my way. Evidence:
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