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  1. Your in-game name: Sanji Hamiko Your SteamID64: 76561198052711266 Appeal Type: Ban Dispute (Default) Who banned you: SMT Why were you banned: Duping Ban duration: Perm Why should you be unbanned? i came back from being out of town for work with the ban message duping|SMT no information was provided on the incident i dont think im guilty of anything . if you can please review the information reguarding my ban i would apreeciate it, if something is at bay here please let me know the extent of this incident. thanks in advance.
  2. Sanji Hamiko


    Ok then....?
  3. Sanji Hamiko

    Sanji Frags #1

    Thanks mate. The overall skill level is less here in general it seems 😶
  4. Sanji Hamiko

    Sanji Frags #1

    **Watch in 1440p** Couldnt be bothered editing or finding a decent song. slapped this together to free up space enjoy
  5. Sanji Hamiko

    Paul Phantoms new name - SpongeBob

  6. Sanji Hamiko

    Comp Lost house :( - Under Review

    jsut go ahead and close it i deleted my freaking video i saved of the repurchase
  7. Sanji Hamiko

    Scar = Broken

    Imagine only having videos of you reporting people on your YouTube yikes
  8. Sanji Hamiko

    Comp Lost house :( - Under Review

    update i repurchased them both just need comp for 100k for both purchases.
  9. Sanji Hamiko

    Comp Lost house :( - Under Review

    After the "fix" i still don't have access to my own houses.
  10. Sanji Hamiko

    Comp Lost house :( - Under Review

    Name:Sanji Hamiko Steam64ID: 76561198052711266 Date of Incident: 06/27/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 5:29 pm Amount your claiming: 300k (i lost 2 trailers i had purchased the day before and placed 2 large crastes that are 48k a piece. 46 uranium refined ready to sell so however that is worth) Description of situation:the day before i made this request i purchased 2 trailers and 2 large crates 1 for each one of the houses, after purchasing them i filled them up with some uranium (which sadly i dont have any recording saved during that time to show that i had that inside them i just hope you can check maybe) for the night and then joined the festivities with doug for the jaguar events and etc.. after i got off for the the night when i got home today they were gone but the crates still show i dont have keys nor can i acess or spawn in them. Evidence:Proof i owned them https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/25ve0161sehh1e3/RmRRN0ZUGT.mp4 proof of the crates being in the same location but i dont have access to them : 
  11. Sanji Hamiko

    Kyle Lucas Frag Montage

    Sick frags a true gang external warrior it seems 🤘🏻
  12. Sanji Hamiko

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

  13. Sanji Hamiko

    Sanji 1 comp request

    Sorry I wasn’t signed in please delete or hide
  14. Sanji Hamiko

    Sanji - server crash gear comp.

    Name: Sanji Hamiko 76561198052711266 Steam64ID: Date of Incident: 6/22/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): Amount your claiming: 55k Description of situation: server crashed and I came back in without anything and was naked. Evidence:
  15. Sanji Hamiko

    Sanji Hamiko - Comp Request.

    Name:Sanji Hamiko Steam64ID: 76561198052711266 Date of Incident: 06/23/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 5:29 pm Amount your claiming: 95k for truck 60k for the run Description of situation: i was driving when i barley tapped these stairs and isntnalty blew up ? i was only going about 110 or so when i hit them and ive hit alot harder everywhere else and it never instantly blew up like this .. ofcourse the one time i didnt get insurance eithier... also was in the middle of a mushroom run Evidence :
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