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  1. Will Boyd

    Coast guard ( New department for PD)

    I am going to provide my support for this suggestion. While people may see a Coast Guard as a negative, they may fail to see the positives. I have been second in charge of a Coast Guard Department on another island and while if it was to be implemented on this server not everything would be the same... I would like to make a few points. 1. A coast guard allows for more roleplay on the water, through boat searches vessel boarding and more. If there isnt alot to do on the water right now im sure a few development opportunities could arise to provide more things to do on the water. 2. The way we ran Coast Guard on the 'other island' was that they would respond to incidents involving the water, patrol the ports, handle rouge aircraft with an aircraft disabling rifle (single shot rifle/LRR) and respond to terrorist situations. 3. The Coast Guard like brought up above would be able to search for people who swim away from police etc and provide support when needed. I believe that the addition of a Coast Guard would add a plethora of new rolepley opportunities such as getting stranded out at an oil rig etc. The Coast Guard however should be its own entity and not a sub department for it to properly thrive. Solid +1
  2. Will Boyd

    Will Boyd - doj whitelist

    Name: will Boyd In-Game Name: will Boyd Steam 64 ID: 76561198073553434 What is your issue in relation to the Server/TeamSpeak (Describe it in as much detail as you can): Could I grab doj whitelist on the server please as I have been brought on as the chief public defender Do you have any photos/videos of this: doj roster I suppose
  3. Will Boyd

    This is what I Eat in my country what do you eat ?

    only true legends can relate
  4. Will Boyd

    Ability for DOJ to issue tickets

    +1 I think this is a good idea and would definitely streamline the whole process. There really wouldn't be much room for this to be abused at all because the player receiving the ticket can always just refuse it.
  5. Will Boyd

    Boyd and Co. - Dispute Resolution Services

    I see, what has my ass done to your foot sir? 😅
  6. Will Boyd

    Boyd and Co. - Dispute Resolution Services

    Hahahaha suuuuuuuuuuuuure
  7. Will Boyd

    Equal Opportunities

  8. Will Boyd

    a possibility for a news team please consider

    +1 would be an easy addition development wise and would promote roleplay
  9. Will Boyd

    Game wont load with modpack loaded

    As Anzus's Modpack is kind of large it will normally take a minute or two to load. I also experience this from time to time with a black screen on the game's start up. A simple fix is to just let it load for a bit. In addition to this having other programs like chrome and discord open and in use at the same time can slow things down when in use at the same time with loading up the mods as they are very resource heavy programs believe it or not. This may not apply if you are running on a high end machine but yeah, hope this helps.
  10. This is also in the event suggestions forum btw, not the actual suggestions area
  11. I think this would be a cool idea. In my opinion the van model that is used for the meth van would be an ideal fit with a news van texture. Would be a nice addition and would promote roleplay. something like this...... excuse the guy playin around ontop
  12. Will Boyd

    Boyd and Co. - Dispute Resolution Services

    Boyd And Co are now hiring for new mediators and arbitrators, apply today!
  13. The Children Of Gaben are now an official gang. Once accepted all members will be supplied with a dank uniform and will be able to purchase a nifty car. Apply Now before all the slots are taken!
  14. Will Boyd

    Paying for Jackson Price's head.

    I will pay good money to whoever can kidnap @Doug Jumper and force him to confess that Australia is Superior to New Zealand on video to be viewed and seen by the whole world.
  15. Will Boyd

    Frequent Game Crashes

    same here lol, my game also jitters and freezes up sometimes whenever someone shoots a gun near me lol... kinda weird
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