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  1. Matt Benson

    Matt Benson - KSP Application

    SOP's - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FHVB-zowUwcnuyNg03eQImfveDhcx5kHgt62BzDTRrg/edit Name: Matt Benson Age: 16 Date of Birth: 3/20/03 NOTE: You will require 2 references from Corporal+ for your application to be processed Reference 1: Anthony Wells Reference 2: Matt Banson How did you require these references? I spoke to them about my goals and what i want to achieve in the police force also i did several ridealongs. Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? (100 words minimum): I would like to join the police department because, i want to be apart of something greater than myself and want to prove to myself i can do it. I am currently a paramedic in the Search and Rescue department and i have devoted my time very well to them. I have since then left the EMS department to be in the police department. I want to be apart of an organization that i can thrive in. I want to reach my goals in the police department by doing my part for this community. I believe that with my experience i will be a great fit. I love the thrill joining something new in a community. I want to join to serve my part in this online community and prove to everyone that i have what it takes.I have very good experience with being a police officer in several servers. my greatest strengths are being calm in difficult situations, i am a great long distance and short distance shot, and i am very professional and reliable. I have hundreds of hours as EMS and i want to put those hours in the police force. I am very loyal to any organization i am in. I have a lot of knowledge and i have studied my SOPs in and out many times so that i can be more knowledgeable in what i am doing. I want to use my strengths towards the good and provide the people of kamdan safety. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): I was a sergeant on olympus gaming altis life. I was a captain on cronus gaming altis life before it shut down. What makes a good Officer in your opinion? (100 words minimum): A good officer in my opinion is multiple things. The first thing is that he is very knowledgeable in his SOPs and can use them to his advantage. He is a man that does not just think for himself but for his fellow officers. He does what is good for the state of kamdan and for the people. He does not abuse his authority he has been given but, uses it for the good of the people. A good officer also has to be determined and loyal to his organization and will honor its codes to the fullest extent. He takes orders from his superiors without any questions but follows it to the full extent and to the best of his ability. With this, i dont believe a officer can just be good on his own i believe its his superiors who can teach him and learn from them. He is trustworthy and reliable and can make quick and precise decisions when the time comes for it. I believe that a great officer of the law will have all of these charateristics. Anything that you would like to add?:
  2. Matt Benson

    Matt Benson Car Comp Request

    Name: Matt Steam64ID: 76561198011811204 Date of Incident: 6/25/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): Unknown/Earlier today Amount your claiming: 70k Description of situation: After the server went down and I lost my truck I started driving my bmw m2 black edition. The server went down again and when I logged back on I was missing my bmw and my truck. I already got compensation for the truck, trying to get it for car now. Evidence: The picture shows the bmw in my garage with insurance.
  3. Matt Benson

    Matt Benson Car Comp Request

    Name: Matt Benson Steam64ID: 76561198011811204 Date of Incident: 6/25/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 1:30 Amount your claiming: 120k Description of situation: Earlier today I bought a Ford truck with insurance for 120k. It stayed in my garage throughout the server restarts, besides this one. I spawned rebel and it wasn't in my garage and there were other people saying they had a vehicle missing from theirs. The video shows me unlocking and locking the truck and trying to access the inventory earlier today. Evidence:
  4. Matt Benson

    Matt Benson Comp Request - Under Review

    Name: Matt Benson Steam64ID: 76561198011811204 Date of Incident: 6/25/19 Time of Incident (LA Time):11:15 Amount your claiming: 60k Description of situation: Was trying to sell lsd with 30 in the truck and 30 on me. I was able to sell 30 before the server crashed with the other 30 in my truck. I have proof of 30k cash, but my video doesn't show the 30 in the truck because I started recording on my way to go sell and I couldn't access the inventory there because players were too close. Evidence:
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